Ever thought of how living room derived its name? Well as a matter of fact every area of our house has a specific function based on which it has been given a specific name. You see, we sleep in bedrooms cook in kitchens and so on, the point is that the living room is supposed to be an area where we are ought to spend the majority of our days so renovating it ina way that it leaves an appealing effect on whoever sees it, is something every house deserves. Come on! A house is the biggest investment of one’s life, so shouldn’t every area of our house be prepped especially. When matters are brought to areas like living rooms then things do get a little serious so here are my best tips that have the potential to bring in some positive change to your boring living room. The best thing is to consult  someone who has expertise regarding this and who can respect your preferences and manage everything according to your budget.

Working on the entrance

Have you ever heard of the famous saying “the first impression is the last impression” I don’t know about you but this does stand true for me so as far as renovating the living room is concerned, the entrance should be the best? Once you bring the idea under your consideration the first thing that comes on the list is the door. Try changing the door if it is affordable with something attractive but let’s be real here not everybody can afford expensive renovation so you can go for repainting the existing door in pretty colours. As it is your house we are talking about, so it is ok to go a little crazy. You can add anything ranging from tiny permanent stickers to big door hanging both on the outside and the inside.

Bringing life

We, humans, are so much attached with nature because we are the ultimate part of it and a life where there is no sign of nature is a pure indication of materialism where we live as mere robots. We all love nature and bringing some of it in our house has never been a bad idea. Being on the initial level the introduction of some cute pots inside your living room is the easiest thing you can do. Usually, people go for money plants because not only they expand all across the walls with their lush green leaves but also are resistant to survive with minimal or no direct sunlight. Cactus plants can also be a good option. In case you are willing to put in some extra amount of cash then the addition of an airy window that makes the sunlight fall directly into your living room is all that you are looking for.

Creating extra space

Now we all know that the addition of mirrors doubles up space and this is by far the most used technique probably because of its effectiveness yet there are certain things that if you keep in mind, really own the potential to magnify the whole space. For example, if you don’t want your living space to give you a claustrophobic feeling then you better paint the ceiling white otherwise the darker effect right on the top of your head does make you feel as if the roof is just heading towards you. When talking about the rugs we all tend to go for the traditional way of making use of it by employing a small rug in between the couches.

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But if we have an intention somewhere inside our heads of making space go a little bigger then we better opt for a bigger sized rug that extends underneath the coaches as well and you will see the difference yourself. Sometimes it is nothing but the game of illusions you have got to use tricks that compels the eyes to look upwards it can be anything like attaching big cabinets on top or a big and stunning painting right on the crest of your central area. By the way, this is something that everybody out there is obsessed with so it might be a good idea to start with. I know renovation is the second name given to versatility but I tried to jot down the best tricks and tips that flashed upon my mind and hope you make something out of these ideas.

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