List of Highly Used Compressors in Industrial And Manufacturing Industries

Various types of compressors from screw compressors and rotary compressors to rotary vane compressors, among many, are used in the industrial or manufacturing sectors. It is best to be aware of these compressors that are frequently utilised because an industrial-type compressor is quite a heavy investment and you would not want it to turn into a liability rather than being an asset. A compressor, which is suitably fitted, will lessen your maintenance costs and will increase your profit since fitted and proper sized equipment will diminish the threat of unanticipated downtime substantially. 

Here we have listed for you the different and widely used types of compressors in industrial as well as manufacturing industries.

Air Compressors

Air compressors are an important part of your industrial or manufacturing sector. These are also available in the markets like air compressors UAE. And these compressors are chiefly categorised into two major brackets depending upon their internal systems:

  • Positive displacement  
  • Dynamic displacement 

There are many variants of air compressors.

Reciprocating Compressors

These compressors are different than the rotary screw compressors in the sense that they are not meant for continual usage. Moreover, it also has a greater number of parts that are kept well-maintained through lubrication. This serves to provide a smooth movement. 

  • What Are the Variants in These Reciprocating Compressors?

Reciprocating compressors are either produced in single or in multi-stage variants. In case you are looking for more power, then you should always opt for a multi-stage compressor rather than a single-stage compressor. This is because multi-stage compressors can acquire a horsepower of about 30. 

Rotary Screw Compressors

These types of compressors were primarily used for stationary applications as they were not intended for mobile applications. But, since then, times have changed rapidly and rotary screw compressors are gaining popularity amidst varied and multi-faceted industries. This is because they are becoming much more cost-effective and affordable. Additionally, the list of its benefits has grown exponentially. Due to its growing popularity, a greater number of manufacturers have now begun to produce such rotary screw compressors all across the globe. 

  • Why Are These Compressors Useful?

Rotary screw compressors have the advantage of longer lives, and they will give you a higher flow of air. It is usually seen that screw compressors do not require an air receiver tank for its functioning. It has relatively fewer parts that have high risks of wear and tear, and mostly, it is low maintenance as only the filters and oil have to be changed. 

  • What Are the Shortcomings of These Compressors?

In terms of disadvantages of such compressors, it is a high-cost investment in the beginning in comparison to other compressors that are available for industrial use. But, in the long term, it’s more beneficial as it incorporates fewer parts that are more prone to wear and tear. These types of compressors are oil-injected due to which the used oil is specific and may be in need of regular maintenance within short periods of time.

Centrifugal Compressors

The main purpose or intent of the centrifugal air compressor is to slow the air that is coming through alongside cooling it. It does this because of the need to develop potential energy. One important aspect of these compressors is that they have the capacity to produce a lot of energy in a small machine. 

  • What Are the Benefits of These Compressors?

One advantage of centrifugal compressors is that they take up or use a lesser amount of maintenance, so they can be called low maintenance. And these are capable of reaching about 1,000 horsepower.

Rotary Vane Compressors

In comparison, the rotary vane compressor is less utilised. The manufacturers of the rotary vane compressors are smaller in number as compared to reciprocating compressors. Furthermore, it proves very difficult to identify and look for various service parts. 

  • What Are the Benefits of Rotary Vane Compressors?  

The rotary vane air compressor is similar to the rotary screw compressor in some areas. For example, it has a smaller number of moving parts as compared to a reciprocating compressor. This type of compressor is relatively compressed in size in comparison to compressors that are incorporated in the rotary screw bracket. Unlike reciprocating compressors, these compressors are meant for continual usage. 

As mentioned above, rotary screw compressors have a high cost of initial installation, but a great advantage of rotary vane compressors is that it generally has a lower initial purchase expense, so it is quite cost-effective.

What Are the Shortcomings of These Compressors?

The carry-over has a trend of rising the longer time period it is in service. And to prevent or fix this issue, an entire rebuild is the necessary process and doing a rebuild can get quite expensive. 

When you are selecting a compressor, there are thus a lot of factors to consider like the initial purchase cost or the installation costs as well as the maintenance and repair cost. Hope this served as a comprehensive guide about different types of compressors used in the industrial or manufacturing sectors. Possessing the knowledge of which compressor unit is best suited or fitted to your industrial complex is of paramount importance. This guide will make sure that it becomes much easier for you to understand these multitudes of commonly used compressors in-depth and make an informed decision.

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