List Of Best Places To Explore In Southeast Asia In 2020.

Currently, Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that attracts many tourists in the world, not only because of the friendly, beautiful scenery, the busy shopping area … but also close to the people of Vietnam. On the occasion of the opening test of direct flights connecting Can Tho to Bangkok, Thailand, 

Ten beautiful things to do below will help you enjoy the perfect vacation when visiting the “Land of the Golden Temple.”

1. Thailand floating market

This is where you should see while traveling in Thailand. Here, people are trafficking, exchange of goods on the boat. You quickly feel a colorful scene is blended from the color of the ship, fruits, berries, and even jewelry. Floating Market is one of the local people’s activities not only for tourism but also for things that happen naturally. Amphawa, Damnoen Saduak, and Khlong Lat Mayom are three most famous floating markets in Thailand.

2. Visit Chatuchak market

This is the famous flea market in Thailand. You will never feel a waste of time coming here. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest in Thailand and is also the world’s largest. Here wide to 141,000 m2 diversified business items from clothes, animals, food to arts and crafts items. You can not be in all stores, but know where to find souvenirs like that to take to friends and relatives.

3. Go to Beach

In Bangkok, Thailand, there are many things that you can explore alone, but if you are interested in leisure, travel outside the city to the sea will help you discover the beauty of the beaches here. There are few notable places like the island of Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Krabi. Sipping coconut water while immersed in the tropical sun is a beautiful experience. If you want to be a little more energetic, you can rent personal watercraft and travel on the sea. Know all things about Delta Airlines Reservations

4. Visit Thailand’s royal palace

Thailand’s royal palace is a spectacular sight that you should not ignore. This is where the most famous cities and home to the Thai king reigned over 150 years since it was built in 1782. Inside there are many ancient buildings, one of which is Wat Phra Kaew (temple contains Buddhist relics). The palace is considered representative of the architectural craftsmanship in Thailand.

5. Ride an elephant

If you do not like to go into the wilderness, you can go to Khao Yai National Park to ride elephants, and explore the jungle. Thailand also has a snake and crocodile farm, and lots of exotic animals that you do not see at home. Also, if you want to explore natural life fully, consider participating in a hunting trip to see firsthand the wildlife species.

6. Walking on the Khao San road, Thailand

Khao San has long become a place “regrouping” of the most familiar to tourists from around the world. People come here to eat, drink, chat, and relax. Most young visitors are favorites because Khao San is an excellent entertainment in Southeast Asia; everyone in Thailand is making his foot recreation area accessible.

7. Watch the sunset from skyscraper

The evening in Bangkok is also a beautiful thing and is not worse than the sunrise. Bright shades of sky late in the day when the sun is about to turn off will make you vulnerable to “cut the heart” to behold. The ideal place for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunset is on top Sky Bar, or from the 84th floor of the Baiyoke tower.

8. Watch the Muay Thai performances

Muay Thai is the pride of the Thailand people and has long become an impressive martial art, attracting many tourists to Thailand. It is the traditional martial arts for the cultural characteristics of Thais. On Wednesday weekly, the program Fight Night will be taking place outside MBK Shopping Center. Dozens of fighters from everywhere congregate here to bring viewers beautiful performances and impressive performances.

9. MBK Shopping Center

You may be fond of the luxury brands to think of shopping abroad but try through MaBoonKrong (MBK) to feel complete local focus. MBK shopping center is an eight-story attraction for both residents and foreign visitors. Inside there are many products, and if exaggerating a bit, everything you can think of is here; it’s like a completely different world.

10. Discover the street food

It is not an overstatement to say Thailand is a paradise for all kinds of street food “delicious-tonic-cheap.” The street food control and hygiene standards are pretty high. You’ll enjoy many fascinating delights, under financing of chefs processing skilled amateurs. In particular, Thailand still surprises you when you sell many dishes made from insects such as scorpions, crickets, locusts, grasshoppers or ants.

7 natural landscapes beautiful in Thailand

The travel paradise of Thailand is not only attractive in Buddhist culture, cuisine, people … but also by the beautiful natural surroundings as apricots.

Thailand may be a famous travel destination in Southeast Asia. Most visitors to Thailand are to visit the natural wonders of the wild. Not only the white sandy beach stretches, but nature also endowed Thailand with majestic mountains, mysterious caves. Here are some suggestions about natural beauty spots, you should go on excursions.

1. Rock mountain Lalu

“Lalu” in Thailand signifies “penetrated.” The stone mountain in here punctured the ground to rising yet looks extravagant. The land has been eroded, and cliffs were formed, canyons in the population of rock mountain located in the Lalu Sa Kaeo province, eastern Thailand, on the border with Cambodia.

2. Morakot cave

When you come to Koh Mook, you will be prepared for a torch to go down triangular Cimmerian. That is Morakot Cave, in the cave where bats fly rustling. You go deep in the dark about 70m and see the light. At the time, you will know the sun is precious. In the end, the cave without a roof, which is covered with lush trees, beneath the emerald water, with white sandy beaches.

3. Karma beach Samui

Coming to Koh Lipe, you have no other way to get to the Karma beach outside the boat. In return for you to reach the island, you will be watching the blue sea and white sand in sunrise and sunset, poetic. After a long journey, you walk on the Karma beach and find pure relaxation.

4. Phang Nga Bay 

You have to come to Phang Nga Bay, which is located on the famous Phuket Island, to see its beauty. Nature endowed bay emerald green water, the imposing limestone. Especially in 1974, after an island here is up to James Bond movies, the Phang Nga bay became famous.

5. Similan island

It is one of the islands in the Andaman Sea, close to Patong Beach is located northwest of Phuket. Similan Island is the perfect place for you to relax. The reputation of the more famous island since it has an underwater park. Corals, sponges, and many other aquatic species enrich life in the ocean in Koh Similan.

6. Sam Pan Bok canyon

It is famous for being the most significant rock mountain in Thailand besides the Mae Khong river. “Sam Pan Bok” in Thailand means “3,000 holes” because Hell of canyons carved up around the sandstone cliffs.

This canyon is about 7m and 20m wide. From here, you can see the precipices at the Pho Sai locale close to Ubon Ratchathani. Get the contact information for all the Airlines Gethuman

7. Thi Lo Su waterfall

Thi Lo Su waterfall is considered the largest waterfall of Thailand about spatial to water pouring down. These waterfalls are also considered top with three high levels: 200m, 300m, and 400m. In northern Thailand, on the off chance that you need to result in these present circumstances cascade, go to the Reserve Umphang Wildlife of UNESCO.

Top 7 Attractive Places in Hong Kong

No spectacular natural scenery, but Hong Kong country there are shopping centers, gastronomy … attract travelers from around Asia and the whole world.

1. Avenue of Stars

You do not need to go to Hollywood to witness the star avenue because, in Hong Kong, the beautiful country also has a channel to honor stars that glorify the Hong Kong film industry. The venue of Stars has always been favorite places to visit for those interested and beloved for cinema and the actors, starring Hong Kong.

2. Pacific Mountain

Even without the massive natural scenery, Hong Kong country is home to many scenic spots. One of the famous beautiful places in Hong Kong is mountain Pacific 552 m high between Hong Kong and Kowloon. Standing in the Pacific mountain, you could see the entire landscape of Hong Kong splendid, shimmering, particularly Hong Kong nightlife when the whole city was up lights.

3. Ocean park

One of those places you can not miss when coming to Hong Kong is Ocean Park. Ocean Park is a park sea creature conservation largest in the world with ocean theatre, shark tank, and 400 sea creature species from the Pacific Islands and the South China Sea. You will have a significant amount of time exploring the vast world, ocean, and color.

4. Governor palace

After you enjoy visiting the shopping center, dining in Hong Kong, you don’t forget to visit the Governor palace to explore and understand the history of the formation and development of Hong Kong over the period.

5. Tsing Ma Bridge

Dubbed as the most beautiful bridge in Asia and ranks 7th in the world, Tsing Ma Bridge was built from 1991 and had vital positions when connecting two islands of Hong Kong is Tsing Yi and MaWan, including both rail and road.

You will have the most beautiful period when with family, friends, lovers go on Tsing Ma Bridge at night when the street lights shone down the river creating beautiful spaces, magnificent.

6. Disneyland Hong Kong

It’s deficient when it comes to the famous traveler destination of Hong Kong without mentioning Disneyland park. Considered a renowned park in the world, annually attracting thousands of visitors, Hong Kong Disneyland was built on a large scale with Times Square, entertainment high tech, together with microcosm wonders of the world such as the Pyramids, the Leaning Tower Pisa.

7. Repulse Bay

It is considered the tourism hub of Hong Kong with many restaurants, hotels, and numerous cafes, restaurants with many styles, different flavors.

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