6 Tips on How To Send Your Lawn Mower for the Winter Break

A good friend and helper in the garden can go into a well-deserved hibernation: the lawnmower. In order for the lawnmower to be ready for use again immediately after the winter break, a few points must be observed. The following tips will tell you how to send your lawnmower off for the winter break so next time you don’t have to worry that your lawn mower won’t start after winters.

Tip 1: Clean sparkling clean

The lawnmower does not need a spring cleaning but a winter cleaning. If possible, remove all grass residues and dirt from the lawnmower and also clean the mower housing. Do not tilt the petrol lawn mower too much while cleaning it. This can cause oil to drip into the air filter, which can damage the engine. You should therefore tilt the mower slightly backwards or as described in the operating instructions. It is even better to remove oil and gasoline from the tanks beforehand. You rinse the grass catcher completely with a high-pressure cleaner that you can borrow from hardware stores. Caution: The water tap remains closed on electric lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers. Here you should work with dry rags.

Tip 2: Runs like clockwork

If the lawnmower is completely dry after cleaning, moving parts such as wheel bearings, throttle and starter bar are treated with a resin-free oil. Make sure, however, that the motor and drive parts, such as the knife shaft, remain free of oil. Our professionals advise you to impregnate the mower housing inside and out with an oily spray.

Tip 3: Recharge your batteries vigorously

Fill the petrol lawnmower’s fuel tank with petrol and then close the tap. Now start the device and let it run until the engine cuts out due to insufficient fuel. In this way you can be sure that the carburetor is empty and will not resinify during the winter break.

Tip 4: Save the rechargeable battery or batteries

If your lawnmower is equipped with an electric starter, you should disconnect the battery so that it does not discharge during the winter break. Charge the starter battery, whether installed or removed, for a day. Before dismantling, however, make sure that the plug connections to the wiring harness are disconnected. If you have a cordless mower or robotic lawnmower, you should fully charge the battery and keep it frost-free in winter, as freezing temperatures shorten the service life. Temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees are ideal.

Tip 5: Sharp blades thanks to the specialist dealer

The winter break is the ideal time to visit the specialist dealer. He can fix small defects in the device. A specialist is particularly important when sharpening knives, as they have a certain cut. On the robotic lawnmower, replace the damaged cutting blades with the replacement blades.

Tip 6: Hang up or stand

The lawnmower is now optimally prepared for hibernation. But one question is still open: where is the best place to stow the lawn mower in winter? The electric lawnmowers can be hung up, the petrol lawnmowers partially upright without any gasoline or oil leaking. If you have a robotic lawnmower, store it in a dry, frost-free room.

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