Laser removes hair permanently and usually lasts for 10 years

Anbat – Agencies When you are tired of removing hair with sugar or wax and using the annoying blade, you are thinking of a more effective solution that will rid you of hair completely: laser hair removal. Whether it is a cosmetic reason or for the treatment of excess hair, it is necessary to know all the details about this advanced technology that women and men are subjected to alike. In an exclusive interview with Al-Gomhoria, the dermatologist and cosmetologist, Dr. Costi, answered all the questions that we asked about this issue.

1 – When should we abandon other methods of hair removal and undergo laser? Which woman would you recommend to undergo laser hair removal? Every woman can resort to lasers if she wants to remove hair in some places on her body, or if she removes hair in traditional ways and is tired of it. I also advise all those who suffer hair growth under the skin, as it grows inside the follicle instead of leaving it on the surface of the skin, by resorting to lasers because the hair under the skin leads to the appearance of pimples under the skin, which causes scars. Among the benefits of laser is that it helps us get rid of hair permanently for a period of up to 10 years.

2 – What are the conditions or factors that must be taken into consideration before undergoing laser hair removal? The only condition that must be taken into account before undergoing laser sessions, especially for women, is to ensure that they do not suffer from polycystic ovaries. The reason is that this cyst may prevent a woman from getting the results she desires, meaning that laser sessions will not be effective. Thus, the hair will grow back even after the sessions.

3 – How is it prepared and what is the process to follow? Is laser hair removal possible in all areas of the body? For hair removal, a laser device is used that adopts specific energy and standards that can be adjusted according to hair type, color and skin type. As for preparing for laser sessions, the person should not be exposed to sunlight for 6 weeks, because darkening may make him more susceptible to skin pigmentation or lose pigmentation and appear white spots. Yes, laser is a safe way to remove hair all over the body.

4 – Is it true that the hair has to be thick to be able to remove it with a laser? It is not necessary for the hair to be thick to be able to remove it by laser, there are several types of lasers and each of them is suitable for a specific hair type. For example, for thick hair we use a diode laser or alexandrite, but if the hair is thin, we use alexandrite. The choice of the type of laser varies according to the color of the skin as well, and if the skin is dark, we use the diode laser or ND Yag, and for those with light skin we use alexandrite.

5 – How many sessions of laser hair removal are sufficient to give the desired results? The number of laser sessions required for hair removal varies according to the color of the skin and hair. If the hair is black and the skin is white, then the number of sessions is less than that of light hair and dark skin, which requires a longer time.

6 – Does laser guarantee permanent hair removal, or do we need to review it after a while? All in all, the laser removes hair permanently, and it usually lasts for 10 years. After this period, the person who underwent the laser may have to undergo one or two sessions. After each laser session, we review until the final hair removal.

7 – Does the percentage of pain felt vary from one place to another when undergoing the laser? This depends on the device we use and the energy we use when laser hair removal. The sensitive areas are the most sensitive on the laser, such as the thighs, bikini and armpits, as we feel more pain than other places such as the hands, legs, back or chest area.

8 – What are the risks or side effects? Could the laser not be suitable for some people? There is no doubt that every technique has its risks, so when undergoing laser sessions, the skin may be exposed to burning if it is nailed, and if the skin is burned, pigmentation is left behind, whether black or white, but it can disappear.

9 – Is it true that laser hair removal can contribute to cancer? This is not true, laser hair removal does not lead to cancer according to best skin specialist in Islamabad ,this is just a rumor or myth.

10 – What should we expect after undergoing all the required laser hair removal sessions? After completing all the laser sessions, there is no way for the hair to grow back, unless it is very thick and turns into a thin, light hair, then into a lump that cannot be seen. All in all, there is no need to do anything else after these sessions.

11 – In your opinion, is laser the best hair removal solution? Until now, the best way to permanently remove hair is with a laser. Laser hair removal techniques are developing to give results in fewer sessions and with fewer risks on the skin.

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