Is laser hair removal permanent?

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Laser hair removal has become a common cosmetic procedure in which the high beam of light energy is focused on hair follicles under the skin. Pigments present inside the follicle receive the light and destroy the individual hair. No matter what, not all hair is at the same length during the growth cycle, leaving the chances of some hairs to get damaged instead of getting completely destroyed. A person has to go through a series of 6 to 8 laser treatments to mark a major reduction of hair growth. 

 One of the most common questions about laser hair removal, is it permanent or not? Well, a 100% chance of removal is a misconception! We can call it a long-running technique of hair removal where it either damages or eradicates the hair follicle. The process affects person to person; in some cases, hair may regrow when the follicle is damaged during the laser hair removal. Also, the type of hair texture and skin tone plays a significant role, for example, the laser hair removal is efficient when there is a contrasting difference in pigment such as dark hair erupting from the light-colored skin. The concentrated light works by the absorbing capability on the pigment, which is the only reason laser removal isn’t effective on light or grey hairs. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal works eventually depending upon the person’s hair growth cycle; the procedure may give positive results for more than 6 months to one person, whereas the other can see the growth of hairs more quickly. Still, the technique is popular because most people have noticed a 75%-90% reduction in hair growth in the treated area. People who have chosen the laser hair removal clinic in Delhi will never get rid of 100% hair follicle and can expect the growth of hairs within a matter of time. That is why dermatologists refer to the treatment as the long-term effected method rather than the permanent option for hair removal. After a while, they can go for other removal treatments, not major ones, and we can recommend waxing or shaving as a healthy option.

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