Why to Prefer Kraft Boxes For Packaging Then Simple One

Packaging is not just confined to enclosing a product in a box. It is a whole process of planning and developing a design to portray the key characteristics of a brand and its products.

The packaging has been changing constantly with the passage of time in accordance with the trends and needs that are necessary to be furnished to keep up with the standards of a quality packaging. Every business, big or small, needs a packing for their products to send them in the market so that they get recognized by a larger audience. A well designed and attractive encasement of a product helps in gaining the attention of people without any extra effort.

Kraft boxes are highly in demand because of the benefits they offer. Brands and companies are switching to these boxes because of their distinctive features that make them better than other material available in the market.

Why These Boxes Are Better Than Any Others For Packaging?

To understand this “why”, these few “what” are necessary to be answered!What Are The Packaging Needs?

Packaging is done not just in order to pack a product randomly, without any planning and research. Before capitalizing a lot of time, energy, and money in any type of packaging it is essential to understand if it satisfies all the basic requirements of the product it is being made for.

Every Kraft packaging is required to fulfill these needs to be effective and up to the mark.  

  • Protection
  • Encasement
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Attract Customers

Custom kraft boxes are proved to be an all-rounder in every aspect of a good wrapping and that is why are chosen over other materials.

What Are Kraft Boxes?

Kraft boxes are those brown boxes used for almost every kind of product in today’s word. They are made up of paperboard that is made up of kraft process and is stronger and tear-free.

  • Raw material used for these papers is any kind of softwood, it is because the fibers of softwood are longer than hardwood that results in stronger papers.
  • These wood chips are converted into wood pulp by using kraft process which removes most of the lignin from the wood. Less amount of lignin and higher ratio of sulfur in these papers allows them to transform into the stronger kraft boxes.
  • The pulp is then sent to paper machine that roles the pulp into a paper.
  • The natural color of kraft packaging is brown because the pulp is not bleached to cut the color. This also contributes in increasing the strength. 

What Makes Them Better Than Other Boxes?

If you are confused what to use for your company and product, then custom kraft boxes is the option you can go for with your eyes closed as they are all-rounder in every aspect. These are the qualities that make them better among others.


Their manufacturing process makes them sturdy and strong, suitable for almost any type of product. The safety of a product is the most important purpose of any packaging as a product after being manufactured passes through many hurdles before reaching its final destination, in the hand of a customer. Kraft boxes ensure the safety of a product by providing required support.

Cost Effective

These boxes saves a lot of money on raw material, processing cost, and shipping cost all at once making a huge difference.

Custom Kraft boxes are ideal for businesses and commodity packaging because the material used to manufacture these boxes is really very cheap and readily available in the market.

The process cost is also cut because of no-bleaching that saves the amount of bleaching agents, labor and equipment cost. 

Shipping companies charge according to the weight of a package and Kraft boxes are light weight regardless of their size and shape due to which they also save a huge amount when it comes to their transportation.


The most important issue today is environmental pollution caused by non-biodegradable and non-ecofriendly materials used to pack products. Unlike plastic, kraft packaging is highly eco-friendly from the start of the manufacturing process. The raw material used is all natural and recyclable. The byproducts of the process are used in another processes leaving no waste behind. After being used they can be recycled and they also decompose naturally.

Customization Friendly

The texture and surface of kraft packaging is printing compatible. Any type of color and design can easily be imprinted on these boxes with the use of latest printing techniques.

Flexibility of the paper makes it stress-free to give it any shape in any size. Custom kraft boxes can be

Diversely Used

Kraft packaging can be used for many types of business and personal uses with customization according to the requirement. Some of the most popular uses of these boxes are;

  • Jewelry boxes with clear PVC lid that allows the customers to look at the product by letting it shine through the transparent lid.
  • Counter display boxes are available for confectionery shops to cosmetic, grocery stores, books shops, and decorations. They really come handy for advertising purposes.
  • Kraft gable boxes for bakery items and food products are perfect because of its different shapes or sizes and the health-friendly nature.
  • Gift box packaging needs variety and option. These boxes are really adaptive and can be easily folded and shaped according to the need. There is never a disappointment related to these boxes as they can be customized and topped with any type of embellishment to give them an exciting appearance.


Quality of the packaging impacts the worth of a brand. It speaks volumes about the company and how much they care about their customers and their satisfaction. Kraft packaging gives excellent quality finish to the boxes look wise and strength wise. Corrugated layers can be added which gives them extra toughness. They can withstand most adverse climate conditions like rain, heat, and moisture as compared to standard cardboard boxes.

These and numerous other positives can be added in favor of kraft material, the list may go on and on forever. To sum it all up, if you want to do something better for your environment then this should be your material option for packaging.

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