Kodi 19.x Matrix Alpha – Everything you Need to Know

If you are not happy with the latest Kodi 18.x Leia then there isa  good news for you. The organization has decided to launch the first alpha version of the New Kodi 19 which is also known as Kodi 19 Matrix. According to updates and rumors, it is a major update from the company and it will bring some amazing revolutions to the Kodi world
You can expect some good features which will be totally different from the current available versions. In the first few months, the Kodi 19.x Matrix will cause and reais some compatibility issues just like Kodi 18 but you will see fixes for these in the near future. 

The new Kodi 19 is in its first alpha and before making it 100% live there will be lots of Alpha and beta releases for the community testing. If you want to install the alpha or beta then you must be prepared for the issues especially the addons compatibility in particular. 

In the Kodi 19.x there are improved handling of boxes. The meta tags are handled in a more advanced and professional way. The release dates of the library albums are handled in a proper and user friendly way. Users can also change the subtitle opacity on their own. 
The home screen is totally changed and many user friendly icons and settings items are added. In the new Kodi 19.x matrix, the Kodi users can also choose the new dark color for the subtitles. 

This is a developing story. There are still testing in the process of the new Kodi. If you think, we have missed something here in this article, then please feel free to contact us and share your insights with us. We will be more than happy to share your feedback and thoughts in this article. Thanks for reading

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