Knowing Some Of The Best B2B Marketplace Startups

With changes in the scenario, the evolvement of business models takes place from time to time or even due to the emergence of techniques spawning new trends. The journey of most startups is not that easy as it seems. They have to struggle a lot to get ample seed capital to boost their startup business above the ground level. And it is really hard to get investors. However, Startup Paisa is one such startup investment platform that helps startups for their infant growth. There are many marketplace startups that you might have read about. But today, I am going to list down some of the top B2B marketplace startups in this blog.


DHgate is one of the best B2B marketplace startups from China. It lets the selling of goods in the minimum amount to the retailers at the international level and also to bargain shoppers and those involved in re-selling. This practice of trading is practised by manufacturers of small scale industries and wholesalers. DHgate deals in services in delivering as well as payments. It also includes escrow. Any seller or buyer need not have to bother about paying a fee for membership here. But charges are applicable for commission for executing the number of transactions properly. DHgate also comprises service for membership especially the VIP one. This is to benefit buyers with add on discounts along with service that is customized. 


Joining the list of best B2B marketplace startups in India is Bijnis. This Delhi-based B2B marketplace startup was founded in 2014. Sudhabala Gupta and Pratik Aggarwal are one of its investors. Coming to its working, here purchase can be done directly from any source by the retailers. They don’t have to bother about the barrier of security payment, ensuring quality as well as negotiating the price. Besides this, Bijnis also facilitates the seller in the creation of a channel for e-distribution. Then from the retailers, they can either sell or get the orders from them. you can search for the mobile app of Bijnis on Google Play also. 


Udaan was founded four years back in Bangalore. It is facilitated by many investors including Tiger Global Management and many more. This B2B marketplace startup fills up the gap between wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and traders. According to sources, Udaan facilitates with credit to its buyers. Currently, Udaan is connected with so many restaurants, farmers, merchants, vendors from the street, owners of shops, and people from the pharmacy.

Bagging the best position among the best B2B marketplace startups is from Jakarta. Having investors like SBI Holdings and many others, this online marketplace platform has been in operation for six years. The product catalogue of comprises different categories including electronics, machinery, health, decorations, and so on. holds the award for the Best Business Automation Tools after it won the Rice Bowl Startup Award 3 years back.


Dealing with products from multiple categories, Tundra stands as the best B2B marketplace online. The category of products according to this online marketplace comprises toys, electronics, kitchen goods, special products for your furry friends (pets), kids, home, parenting, and others. Urban Cheesecraft and Noxgear are some of the top brands linked to Tundra. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in San Fransisco, (the United States). 


IndiaMART belongs to the 90’s decade as it was founded in 1996 in Noida (India). IndiaMART ranks among the best B2B marketplace startups suitable for suppliers as well as buyers. It facilitates with products that pave to generate leads such as online catalogues by businesses of small and mid sizes. In 2013, IndiaMART even came up with a special app for mobile users in May. In case, there are any inquiries related to business, the users can make the best use of their devices in sending the direct SMS from it. Or they can even prefer to call also. 

Money is earned by generating leads from small and middle-size businesses with a maximum percentage of sales. 


Next in the list is B-Stock from Belmonte from the United States. Founded in 2008, this online B2B marketplace startup provides help to its buyers by getting them linked with worldwide manufacturers and retailers. Susquehanna Growth Equity is among the investors associated with it. To liquidate overstock inventories, an auction that is private and customized is conducted by the B-Stock. The recovery of high returns of customers with a big percentage is claimed on this latter platform.


So these are some of the best B2b marketplace startups. I hope you get to know about all these platforms briefly. However, if you want to know how startups in India get benefits, then there are many funding platforms including Startup Paisa, Kickstarter, Catapooolt, FuelADream, etc. They help in aiding startups in their infant stage by providing them with some percentage of funding that would help in raising the seed capital. Most of the startups fail due to inadequate funding. But these platforms pose a big hope for them and boosting their confidence to rise above from the lower level. 

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