Know The Importance of Seeing a Dermatologist in Noida

In this fast-paced world seeing a dermatologist is the last option that most of us would consider; but with the growing diseases due to air pollution, water pollution, unhealthy diet, and increasing adulteration, not only health gets deteriorated but it can cause a bigger problem for our skin. Most of us face the common problems of acne, signs of aging, or hair loss and thus we spend a big amount of our money on cosmetic products to heal them.

Don’t you think it would be better to visit a dermatologist and reach the root cause of the issue and get it resolved? At least it is much better than trying your own hands on the products that you are not sure of, after you get swayed by the advertisement that makes false promises. Explore the benefits by visiting a hospitals in Noida, Delhi, or any other hospital that is near you to see a dermatologist.

Problems that need the attention of your dermatologist immediately


Acne is the last thing that anybody would want to see when you are getting ready for a special occasion, and it happens most of the time. These are painful, ugly, and come out at the wrong time. These further cause blemishes on our skin making it look pathetic. The worst part is they don’t come alone, but also bring with it whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. They can also leave permanent marks, and cause stress. So it is better to seek advice from the dermatologist as soon as possible to get rid of them.

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Eczema is a skin condition that can be very distressing for a person as it not only causes inflammation but rough patches on the skin that feels itchy and even bleeds sometimes. You may feel troubled sleeping and doing other work as it leaves you totally uncomfortable. This problem needs proper medication and care and thus, it is always better to get a tailored solution for it.


Your immunity is the main cause of this problem. In this particular condition, the skin cells grow quickly and pile up at one place on the skin. These patches look scaly and red and can make a person feel itchy. In some cases, they can be painful as well. The common areas where they develop are elbows, knees, legs, face, and even scalp. Apart from that, they can also be seen on your feet, nails, genitals, and sometimes inside the mouth of a person. It is a skin condition that persists for a longer time and there are chances of it getting reoccurred. You definitely need the help of a dermatologist if you are suffering from it.

Skin cancer:

A very common cancer that people encounter is skin cancer but is fully curable if diagnosed early. Sometimes people may see moles getting appeared that change color, shape, and size that changes into non-healing sores that bleed, is itchy and painful then it is an alarming sign. The most common cancer of the skin is melanoma where skin growth appears with the change in size, color, and shape. This irregular growth can also be itchy and painful or even bleed. It is much needed to see your dermatologist if you face any such issue.

Signs of aging:

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The signs of aging include wrinkles, spots, dryness, and even discoloration that gets aggravated by the sun’s rays. So it is always advisable to wear sunscreen. But it is not the only thing that can rescue you. The sane advice and effective treatment by a dermatologist can help you in long run. With proper treatment, you can achieve youthful skin.

Hair fall:

What happens when you see a big bunch of hair on your hairbrush? It is difficult to handle. Shedding 100 hair a day is normal but if it is more than that, then it is something to give consideration to. To know the exact cause of the hair loss some tests are conducted by the dermatologist and then proper treatment is given as hair loss can be hereditary, or due to pregnancy, stress, or any other health-related issue.


Rosacea again comes from the league of chronic diseases that can also affect the eyes. It can affect the areas of the nose, cheeks and chin, ears, and chest where redness appears. Sometimes swelling on the skin occurs and even gets thicker in the worst condition. heat, exercise, sunlight, wind, cold, spicy foods, alcohol, or stress can be the main reason behind it. No cure has been found for this skin condition but your dermatologist can help in reducing its symptoms and effects.

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Varicose veins can be really painful in which the veins appear swollen and twisted and it usually appears on the legs. The main causes behind it are the age-factor, weight, and unhealthy lifestyle. You may experience blood clots and skin sores with it. Small lifestyle changes and medication provided by the dermatologist can heal the problem.


Infection caused by fungus,viruses or bacteria can take a toll on your health and mental peace and it should be immediately treated. Warts may appear due to viruses, on the other hand, cellulitis can be caused by bacteria and this can be really dangerous and can prove to be fatal if not treated properly.

There are many good dermatologist in Noida who can be your savior in terms of skin problems. So it is always good to reach out to them before it gets too late.

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