Kindle Vs Paperback? Which Is the Best Option

Kindle Vs Paperback? Which Is the Best Option

As technology is growing day by day, paperbacks are replaced by Kindle book reader. But there are also some people who want to read books. To build a reading habit, you can choose either kindle or paperback.  So Today i am going to tell you which is better for you to start with.

Kindle Vs Paperback.


The first thing that we should think about is money obviously because the whole world runs on money so if you are thinking about money then a kindle is a better choice than a book because books are extremely costly and not all the time you can afford to buy book of 300 to 600 rupees but a kindle most of the time offers you the same book for a very cheap price and when you buy a kindle for a first two month you get a discount of 80% on all ebooks which is very good. I bought a book of 500 rupees which I have got for rupees 50 only on kindle. This is a big difference.


When it comes to holding a book and kindle, then kindle is the best option. With book, you need a book page holder to hold page for you but with kindle, you don’t need such thing but you need kindle holder in order to hold kindle device. Like that you need Pillow book holder to hold the book while reading in a bed at night, day and in the morning.


The second thing is book is very very difficult to carry if i happen to carry a book to any place, my beg would probably burst because it’s so fat and heavy at the same time if i just have it on my kindle i can carry probably to the end of this world and even to the mars if i happen to travel to there and if we had the means to travel. Anyway, you get my point. So carrying is extremely easy for you. you can carry at most three books when you are travelling but if you have a kindle, you can carry pretty much all your books at the same time and it is so hassle-free. You have to charge kindle and kindle charge goes on for about seven to 14 days, depending on your using schedule. But for me, the paperback is one of the best reading gadgets. The reason is that I believe it gives me more focus and a better feel when I am having a book in my hand instead of reading it from a digital device.