Kids Bored at Home? Try These Fun At-Home Workouts for Kids

Daily physical activity is an essential part of overall health, especially for growing children. Children who are active have greater emotional, cognitive, and physical health. Doing regular physical activities can provide children with cognitive and emotional benefits including improving attention span and mental well-being. 

It’s highly suggested that children under age 6 should actively engage themselves regularly and that older children and teens must get at least 1 hour of physical activity each day. Although schools and sports can motivate physical activity in children, as parents, knowing how to encourage kids to exercise at home can be challenging. 

The question is, how do you get kids to enjoy exercise? If kids see exercise as something they would enjoy, as opposed to a chore, they would love to do it. Here’s a list of ideas you can do for indoor exercises with kids at home. 

Run Around the House 

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This may sound simple but chasing each other around the house may do the trick. Running is actually healthy for kids since it helps them build strong bones while fortifying their muscles. Partnering with a healthy diet, it will help your children keep a healthy weight. If your children now develop a love for running and realizing that it’s a fun thing to do that they can carry into adulthood.  

Skip! Skip! Skip! 

Skipping not only increases heart rate, but also works out the entire body, and enhances core strength, it’s also a surprising workout for little minds too! Skipping is a wonderful brain booster since it engages the left and right brain, leading to improved functioning while boosting balance and coordination. 

Bear Crawl Race 

To make an exercise more exciting, let’s do it the ‘beary’ hard way! Have them crawl on their hands and feet, but the challenge is, their knees should not touch the ground. 

The bear walk is a great exercise since it’s a whole-body skill that involves the entire body to work at once. It will start strengthening the core to weight-bearing, which enhances your kid’s arms and legs. A bear walk race is always a great game and exercise for the entire brain and body. So instead of walking normal to the bathroom, why not do the bear crawl? 

Yoga Time 

We’re sure that your kids would like to learn some yoga lessons! You can easily do this at your home gym or in the living room. Yoga is the unique type of exercise that brings a lot of benefits, such as reducing the risk of injuries, improving range of motion, and keeping muscles flexible and strong. 

Creativity is the Key 

Having variety is the key to make sure that exercise would be fun for children. You also need to ask your child which activities they love, so you will know how to incorporate them in physical activities. 

Combine it up from day to day, whether it’s dancing, walking, riding a bike, running, yoga, or playing outside. You may rotate which family member picks what activity will be for the day or have everyone write down on a piece of paper different exercises and draw them out of a bucket for a surprise. 

Make it a Priority 

As parents, you must be an example if you really want to get your kids moving. Parents will be the biggest influence on kids to be healthy and active. If they see their family doing it, they would most likely follow their footsteps. 

You may simply take them for a walk at the park, kick a ball outside, or join your child for an online yoga session. You should also set your goal if you see your kid doing his goal as well. Remember that being active together is not only beneficial for your family’s health, but it also provides valuable time to bond. 

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