Kickstart your crypto venture by launching the DDEX clone script

Kickstart your crypto venture by launching the DDEX clone script

In this modern world, many entrepreneurs and startups are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies as it offers various beneficial opportunities to enhance their business income levels. In this article, let us discuss why it is essential to invest in DDEX-Based DEX Platform Development to launch your own decentralized exchange platform.

What is a DDEX clone?

DDEX clone is a website script that consists of all the existing and advanced features that the DDEX platform has from which you can launch your own decentralized exchange script similar to DDEX.

What is DDEX?

DDEX script is the first decentralized exchange script for trading ERC-20 tokens that are built on Hydro protocol. The Hydro protocol allows real-time trading with secure on-chain settlement. DDEX platform is one of the popular DEX scripts in both transactions and trading volumes. The platform yields liquidity and more significant market share to earn high profits within a short period.

What is DDEX 1.0?

In December 2018, the DDEX platform released an upgraded version with advanced features and advantages to all the users worldwide. The new version of DDEX is entirely developed by upgrading the Hydro smart contracts.

Highlights of the DDEX script

No registration:

DDEX helps the users to trade safely by using their digital wallets without undergoing any registration 

Exchange with liquidity:

DDEX platform is one of the best user-friendly platforms to perform trading with less exchange fee and actual liquidity.

No deposit is required:

DDEX platform allows the users to make transactions by utilizing their digital wallets under the assistance of ethereum smart contracts that do not require any deposits to be made

24*7 mobile-friendly trading:

Decentralized exchange like DDEX platform, provides services that can be easily accessed via mobile devices. The users can trade 24*7 by downloading the DDEX trading application from the play Store or app Store.

Also, the multi-signature wallets integration acts as an intermediary to enhance the security in order to prevent any authorized users from accessing the system.

Enables automated trading:

DDEX enables free Hydro API documentation from which the users can experience real-time trading without any hassle.

Trading fee:

DDEX collects a 0.1% maker fee and 0.3% taker fee from the users. Also, the discounts are available for Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) holders.

Gas fee:

The trading process on the Ethereum blockchain network requires a gas fee. These funds go to miners who operate on Ethereum smart contracts.

DDEX 1.0 advanced features:

The advanced version of the DDEX platform, DDEX 1.0, has new features to fulfill the users.

  • Market order capacity
  • Low transaction gas fees.
  • Asymmetrical fee structure
  • Advanced trading interface and many more

Multichain development:

DDEX platform Hydro smart contracts allow a multichain process that enables developers to experience a wide range of business opportunities.

Secure transaction processes:

The Hydro smart contract of the DEX platform, like DDEX, is audited with the help of the third-party security firm that audits smart contracts. Hence, the transaction processes are highly secure on DDEX when compared to other decentralized exchange platforms.

The Hydro protocol provides DeFi developers in order to create better marketplaces for decentralized exchange platforms. Thus it is easy for any crypto enthusiast to launch their own trading platform for earning a high ROI.

How does the DDEX platform work?

DDEX development services follow proven methodologies that ensure an efficient trading process. The major components of the DDEX script are smart contract, transaction processing arbiter, and trading engines.

The smart contracts efficiently integrate the new users to the platform. It stores the crypto assets and enables execution of trades without any hassle. All the trades will be verified by using the private keys that are assigned to the users.

With smart contracts, easy verification can be done before undergoing the execution processes. The users can make use of their private keys to get their transaction approved in real-time without involving any additional steps. The authorization allows users to enjoy safe trading.

Once the transaction process is authenticated in DDEX like DEX Platform Development, it will be sent to the processing arbiter who is in-charge of monitoring and handling the executed transactions orders. Generally, the transactions are carried out in a sequential manner on the basis of first-come, first-serve in order to ensure that each crypto trade process is completed in the correct order. It also makes sure to maintain an equilibrium between the exchange and the smart contract balances.

Final Thoughts!

With the above-mentioned pointers, it is significant that launching a DDEX clone script can help you to attain various beneficial aspects in order to experience a high ROI within a short period. Fix an appointment with our well-experienced developer team to avail a profitable solution to start your own DEX platform as like DDEX soon. Enquire now!