Khooni Bawaseer – What is the Best Treatment of Hemorrhoid?

If you have been suffering from piles for a long time, it is quite possible that you have different types of Piles Treatment to suit each other. Internal and external types of Piles can be treated differently, so it is better to have a thorough understanding about each of them so that you can choose the best Piles treatment (bawaseer ka ilaaj). Internal piles are generally not painful at all, whereas external types of these are extremely painful as they usually appear outside the rectum. However, there are instances when these piles are both internal and external, but the pain may be very different. It is very important to understand this difference so that you can get the best treatment for yourself in the most appropriate way.

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Types of Piles Treatment. There are different types of Piles treatment or baadi bawaseer available depending on what kind of Piles you have. Internal piles are usually separated into two categories – internal and external. As the name indicates, internal piles usually occur inside the rectal canal, while external ones hang outside the anus. This kind of piles is further categorized according to how far they are outside the rectum and whether they come from the anus or not.

The main objective of any kind of Piles treatment is to help the patient’s body to remove the excess waste matter that is present in the blood. When the waste matter becomes concentrated in the blood, it can create hard lumps in the walls of the rectum or in the walls of the veins surrounding the anus. These lumps can grow larger and bigger over time and lead to a lot of pain, especially when the patient moves. As a result, the patient will be required to push and walk a lot, which will aggravate the situation even more. A treatment is therefore required so that the piles can be removed from the blood stream so that there will be less irritation and pain.

There are a number of different Piles treatment methods available in the market today. These treatments range from herbal to natural to surgery. If you are looking for an effective way to get rid of your piles then you should try some of these options. Herbal remedies can be very effective at removing the symptoms of haemorrhoids. Here are some of the best herbs for piles treatment you can use:

Blackberry leaves and their extract – this herb is very effective at shrinking swollen blood vessels. Since swelling is a major symptom of piles, blackberry leaf extract is used to help the body get rid of these swollen blood vessels. As a result of this effect, the patient will experience less pain as well. Another reason why blackberry leaf extract is effective at relieving pain is because it contains substances that help the blood vessels remain healthy. This way, the patient will not feel pain even during an episode of severe bleeding.

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Slippery elm – this herb can help in decreasing the inflammation of the anus. It can also reduce the pain caused by the piles symptoms like the pain and discomfort caused by anal fissures, irritation, and soreness. To make this herb work on the hemorrhoid, one needs to mix it with a few drops of rose water. A laxative tea can be made using the combination of these two herbs. If you are using this method to treat your hemorrhoids, remember to drink lots of water throughout the day.

If you want to treat or prevent piles by khooni bawaseer ki dawai from developing in your anus, then you need to avoid doing things which can irritate the sensitive veins in the anal area. These include straining during a bowel movement. Remember to always go inside your anus gently and avoid pushing too hard. Do not sit for too long as it also makes it more difficult for you to go inside comfortably. When you sit down, use a cushion to provide comfort and increase blood flow to the anus.

For severe cases of piles where the patient is bleeding, laxatives are often used to treat the condition. This medication helps in restoring the affected rectum, thus helping the patient to stop bleeding. In addition, some doctors recommend hydrotherapy, which is a treatment where warm water is pushed inside the rectum through the anal canal. This promotes increased blood flow to the rectum and also gets rid of accumulated feces. Surgery is the last resort for many patients, but if it is necessary, it should be performed only after consulting the doctor so as to do a thorough evaluation of your condition

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