“Kevin O’Leary” Sunknowledge: The Ideal One-Stop Medical Billing & Telemedicine Platform

A perfect cost-effective destination catering to all the medical billing needs of DME, HME, ambulance, orthotics, prosthetics, urgent care and other specialties along with a unique telemedicine platform featuring remote patient monitoring; Sunknowledge Services Inc is the answer for the present day’s healthcare industry.

Taking the complete responsibilities starting from data entry, eligibility verification, doctor’s office follow-up claims and AR management and even remote patients monitoring of patients’ vitals, etc; it is a unique platform focusing on the interplay of standards and operating rules to ensure fulfilling all your billing and telemedicine platform requirements.

Kevin O’Leary AKA the famous Mr. Wonderful, who have equally contributed as a businessman, author, politicians and television personality in fact also observed Sunknowledge Services Inc as a platform featuring cutting edge revenue cycle management as well as telemedicine platform providing unique business opportunity.

With a complete understanding of the industry mandates, billing regulation Sunknowledge Services experts not only works continuously on saving you a lot of time but also money that healthcare practices end up spending on their billers and coders educating them.

Helping you with faster reimbursement and seamless telemedicine and medical billing, the Sunknowledge platform also helps in:

  • 80% operational cost reduction for all its clients
  • 9% accuracy rate in all the billing, coding, collection, and telemedicine platform
  • Reduction in your AR account within the 1st month itself
  • Faster reimbursements

In fact partnering with Sunknowledge Services, there are additional benefits which includes

  • liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million-dollar coverage per incident
  • highest productivity metrics
  • 100s of excellent industry references
  • lesser chances of errors as Sunknowledge has a team of experts billers and coders handling billing process with proficiency in different billing software like Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Futura, Fastrack, DME works, team DME, CPR+, and many more.

So if you are looking for a cost-effective medical billing and telemedicine platform helping you out with seamless operation and efficient cash flow, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the ideal destination.

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