Keep Dry With a Pair of Size 15 Rubber Boots

Keeping your feet dry is nearly as important as finding a pair of supportive and protective footwear. Sometimes it’s even more important than other considerations that you would typically take to protect your feet. There are a whole slew of hot and cold water immersion conditions that can befall anyone who is chronically exposed to water. Hopefully nothing would ever get that far, but suffice it to say, if you work or play in constantly wet or damp conditions, protecting your feet takes on the angle of keeping them dry.

Don’t expect to be able to keep your feet dry and comfortable if you can’t find a pair of rubber boots in your size, and if you wear size 15s you can guess what that means. It means you’ll need to secure yourself a pair of Size 15 Rubber Boots or else deal with chronically wet shoes or boots. If your preference in waterproof boots is a pair of size 15 rubber boots, then check out the following options you can find at XL Feet.

Bogs Rancher and Rancher Steel Toe
Bogs Rancher Rubber boots, both in soft and steel toe are an excellent option for keeping your feet dry and offer you much more than traditional rubber boots. Not only will they keep you bone dry, but they are insulated with 7mm Neo-Tech material that will keep you surprisingly warm. Neo-Tech is similar to neoprene, which has been trusted for years to keep enterprising outdoorsmen cold in the worst of wet conditions. A pair of these boots will keep you comfortable down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Get them in with a steel toe for an additional layer of protection and you’ll be set to take on the worst conditions out there.

Thorogood Rubber Insulated Felt Fire Boot with Lug Sole
These are the best selling rubber boots at, and for good reason. They come with a slew of protections and features that make them well suited to the rugged work to which firemen are used. Completely waterproof and with a steel toe and rugged toe cap cover to protect the boots, they will keep you safe and dry for many years. Beyond that, these boots are rated against bloodborne pathogens and electrical hazards and are slip resistant and puncture resistant.

TREDS 17” Super Tough Slush Boots
These boots will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to staying dry on the job. They are designed to be worn over boots or shoes so that you don’t need to spend extra money on another pair just so you can stay dry. Just slip them over your regular footwear and get moving. They boast of 4000 pounds of tensile strength and will not blow out on the job, as they are extremely puncture and tear resistant. They’re also resistant to a mind boggling litany of common chemicals; too many to easily enumerate in prose. To see the full list, check out these TREDS at

Those are some of the best options in size 15 rubber boots that you will find at XL Feet’s website, You can pick from a pair of pull ons or a pair of TREDS to keep your feet dry, but at the same time don’t forget that rubber boots aren’t your only option in waterproof boots. They are one of the more reliable options, but at the same time you can invest in a pair of lace up boots on their website from a different maker that will give you the same protection. If you need waterproof boots, be sure to visit and you will find selections in waterproof boots from Avenger, Carolina Men’s, Belleville, Thorogood and more.

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