Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 for Gemini Moon/Ascendant

The planet Jupiter that signifies growth, prosperity, healing, and good fortune is transiting to Capricorn on 20th November 2020. This transition will go on for one year, and in between, Jupiter will also shift to Aquarius as well. This movement will bring different results during all these changes in transition. Every zodiac sign will get affected differently!

For Gemini natives, this transition would not be much favorable. Till Jupiter is in Capricorn, it would bring negativity to Geminis. You may face several obstacles and worries in your personal and professional life.

During this transit, there is a possibility that you have to travel or relocate to a different place. The first quarter of 2021 would not be so good for investing. During this period, you would also face some ailments, and disturbances at the workplace may make the matter worse.

However, when Jupiter enters the sign Aquarius, it would be reliving to Geminis. Your workplace status will be improved; you will establish better relations with your teammates and seniors. Things will get better between you and your spouse, and you will also find yourself spiritually inclined. In any condition, stay diplomatic, so you can take care of the bitterness, if any, in your relations.


During this time, you shouldn’t ignore any health issues. Even if they seem minor, they may develop complications further. Don’t be careless when it comes to health. This is the time when you should take care of yourself and your family members. Some precautionary measures may save you from the future burden.

Love and Marriage

To maintain a harmonious relationship with your partner or lover, avoid being mysterious. It would be better to keep transparency and let them know what is going on in your mind. If there are any issues, try to solve them by communicating and having an open mind.

Those looking for a life partner may find one, but by putting so many efforts because the transition will create many hindrances. Married couples may find it not so smooth, so they will have to put in regular efforts because every single effort will be worthy.


Your finances don’t sound very well; the situation may seem unstable. You have to be better with savings; think twice before spending. You may feel like making expensive purchases that may weaken your bank balance.

You need to be aware of the choices you make; you should also not buy or sell any immovable property as this transaction would not be very profit-oriented.


You may already have some business ideas; however, it would be best to delay them for some time or until Jupiter enters the Aquarius sign. In the first stage of transition, you may feel a lack of money for whatever plan you have in mind. It is not a good time to switch jobs or plan to invest.

In the professional environment, also, you may face some delays. You may feel that you are not getting the recognition you deserve. You may have to put extra struggle to make things work for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you lose hope; keep working, and be consistent because the results might be delayed, but you will definitely get them.


Students also may not feel very bright and achieving during this transit. There would be many distractions, and you would lose your concentration. You may fall for some bad habits or may get influenced by a bad company.

You need to be mindful of your choices; you may go for group studies if isolation makes you lonely and depressed.

Gemini Home Remedies

There are some astrological remedies that you can perform and get benefitted even in odd times.

  • Chant the mantra “Om GuruvaeNamah” 108 times daily.
  • You can also chant the mantra “Om JhramJhreemJroum Sah GuruvaeNamah.”
  • Worship both Lord Maha Vishnu and Lord Maheshwara.
  • Offer sweets, jaggery, and honey to others.
  • Keep a yellow handkerchief with you always.

The retrograde alone doesn’t determine the results you are going to get. Many other factors contribute and give the results during the Jupiter transition. Make sure you get your birth chart and have it analyzed by a professional astrologer.

Also, don’t forget to know your moon sign by using Astropedia’s Moon Sign Calculator tool.

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