Is Stretching only useful for flexibility or is there something more?

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There is some preconceived notion regarding stretching, many people believe that Stretching is just for making your body more flexible like rubber. It’s not just that, you may have experienced it yourself also but stretching also helps in bringing your stress levels that ultimately calms your mind.

But in the 21st century, no one even has the time to spend with their loved ones, then who has the time for twisting his/her legs and holding them for 1 minute. In this fast-paced environment, it is necessary to balance both work and home efficiently. To do this some people meditate, some play their favorite sport, but if you are not finding any of these things interesting you can go for stretching. Stretching has much more benefits than just making your body flexible, on order to know more about why does stretching feel good, read the full article.

What happens when we stretch our body?

  • There are two things which can happen to your body when you stretch that depends on some conditions whether after how long are you doing it or you have been doing it regularly.
  • If you have taken a break from any major physical activity like playing, running, jogging, or stretching for a while, the first day of your renunciation will be a little painful, or let’s say the first whole week will be troublesome.
  • This happens because your muscles and tissues are habituated to getting a specific treatment of remaining fixed most of the time. Their inertia is to remain fixed, but when you stretch them after a very long time, their inertia is disturbed which is the reason behind feeling pain all across the body.
  • Doing stretching daily for 30 minutes will make your body get used to stretching of muscles and tissues, which will result in fewer muscle cramps and hamstrings.

Why Stretching makes you feel good?

  • When you stretch your body, the tightened muscles get tightened which earlier were jelly-like. You must have observed how stiff the muscles of athletes are, like Usain Bolt their muscles are daily stretched to their full extent, which has resulted in them getting such a flexible body.
  • These tightened muscles release a chemical called endorphin, these endorphins reduce the feeling of pain, thus making you feel calm and giving you a sense of pleasure. For such functions only, endorphin is also referred to as the “feel-good” hormone.

This is the reason why doctors always advise us to keep our bodies in motion. We are not robots; we are social beings the mechanism of our body is to be in motion as long as we can, this is the reason why does stretching feel so good.

How to stretch your body?

  • There are primarily two types of stretching into which all variations of stretching are categorized, they are static and dynamic.
  • From the name, static one can know that static means to remain in equilibrium. Similarly, in static stretching, you hold a part of your body in a position for a specific time like 1 minute or 30 seconds. If anyone wants to begin their stretching course, static stretching is surely the one to go for.
  • Another one is dynamic stretching, in this; you have to go for the full range of motions, like zig-zag, up-down, sidewise stretch, and many others.

Safety concerns regarding Stretching

  • Many must be wondering why stretching requires any precautions, it is not medicine after all.
  • The main precaution is to stretch calmy and in no hurry. Remember when stretching a muscle beyond a certain point or angle begins to hurt you, stop it there.

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