Is Qatar Technologically Ready For FIFA World Cup 2022?

Qatar is trending on the news channels around the world & the internet for all the right reasons.

This oil-rich country rejoiced when it was announced that Qatar will be hosting FIFA World Cup 2022. It will serve 32 countries according to the latest report.

And why not? Qatar got support from the Arab world as the most deserving candidate to host this grand event. Such a step will help this Gulf country to bridge the gap between the west and the Arabic countries which is a good sign.

But, one the other hand, the tech-savvy and football enthusiasts have legit reasons to worry. They fear whether Qatar is good enough from the technological point-of-view. They have several other doubts like

  • if it is fit to host, is Qatar technology sound to cater to the needs of not only the players but also the tourists from different parts of the world?
  • If not, will this gulf country be able to prepare itself to become a deserving country soon enough?

In all previous two soccer games, in Brazil and Russia, the teams and the fans experienced the best technological practices of social media, analytics, game streaming, fitness tracking, and other various content development and consumption practices at a huge level. So, the expectations are pretty high this time.

The use of social media will help the world to connect with Qatar. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will buzz with the latest updates of the FIFA games, day and night. And this way, more and more people will have their eyes on this beautiful desert country that has a lot to offer.

But, are you prepared?

It is, undoubtedly, the best time to leverage extraordinary benefits that the digital solutions offer to the industries in Qatar. Whether you run a restaurant or have a clothing store, it will be a perfect opportunity for every sector.

So, is your company ready enough to cater to the needs of such a huge number of people? Or are you well versed with the latest technological developments to take your company to this amount of people?

This calls for a mobile application

Smartphones are the future that offers a variety of features and benefits to people. From the young entrepreneurs to the well-established firms, all of them want to take the leverage of this growing trend. The future says that it will break the stereotypes by changing the way the business is done in Qatar.

Check out the story of how a few entrepreneurs in Doha bagged an award for impressive mobile applications that facilitate the best seating arrangements for the fans in FIFA World Cup 2022.

If you are not an app developer but still have an amazing idea, you can get in touch with all those digital agencies that can help you with it. One of the best digital firms in Qatar is ZealousWeb Qatar. Its creative and experienced team of developers will analyze your need and make your mobile application dream come true in an affordable way.

Or build a website for your service

The technological experts say that websites have a wider reach than any form of advertising.

It can be justified with the fact that before the tourists plan to travel to a foreign country, they search for tips online to know about the country. These tips are regarding the top tourists’ attractions, best hotels to stay, best eateries, supermarkets, transportation details, and many more. The football fans who are going to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar must be searching for the best websites that can offer the best experience what-so-ever.

It seems that whether you have a big or small business, you definitely need a website. It will increase the visibility of your products and services making it popular among the masses. Again, you can hire the experienced website designers who believe in offering the best customer services for all their needs.

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