Is Magento SEO Still Necessary?

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With all of the different avenues of digital marketing available today, it may be easy to assume that SEO isn’t as necessary as it once was. If you have built an eCommerce website and are wondering if you can live without Magento SEO, you might be surprised at how important it really is.

Despite the presence of social media and various kinds of PPC campaigns you can run, among other tactics, there’s no replacing well-implemented SEO. The truth is that all of these other methods of getting traffic are quite effective, but if you want long-lasting and sustainable results that build brand authority, SEO is what you want to look into.

Magento is a great platform for building your online store with, and while it provides plenty of features to help you out with SEO, it’s unlikely that you are covering all of your bases on your own when it comes to properly optimizing your website. Magento SEO services may be necessary if you are truly intending on growing your website and seeing an increase in traffic.

The Advantages of Magento SEO

Magento boasts a powerful suite of features that store owners love, such as mobile-friendliness, simple third-party integrations, a high level of customization with little hassle, and great security features, but no plugin or feature is a replacement for proper SEO. Even with some of the newer innovations that have come out in recent years regarding streamlined SEO techniques, even the best platforms can’t create a substitute for the right search engine optimizations.

Magento SEO is still extremely effective because a highly customized and user-friendly website pairs extremely well with search engine optimizations. Google is looking for better user experiences and is giving a lot of ranking authority toward websites that go out of their way to cater to the users’ needs above all else. This means site speed optimizations, proper easy-to-follow navigation, proper meta tags, and product descriptions, and other important SEO and design implementations.

When SEO is present on your website, more users will naturally find your website rather than you always having to promote it through advertising and constant tactics on social media. Not only is this valuable in the short term, but over the course of many years it builds a high level of brand authority and stability in terms of the traffic you receive. If you build a strong foundation with your website, you can carve out space in the SERPs as an authority in your niche, which is far more valuable than a some social media accounts.

The other benefit to properly addressed SEO is that it will bolster your eCommerce efforts directly. By optimizing your product listings, your beautiful pages powered by Magento will rank on Google as well. This means that users searching for specific products will land right on your product pages, which greatly increased your potential sales. Magento SEO is a massive investment for your business, because as long as your website is seen as an authority, users are going to look at your products as an answer to their queries and will have no problem with purchasing what you’re selling on pure impulse. This is an extremely powerful way to drive sales that is far more sustainable than social media and advertising.

If you are interested in these kinds of eCommerce SEO services for your business, you need to contact Genius eCommerce today. They are industry leaders when it comes to boosting Magento stores and helping store owners reach their sales targets. They know how to generate and manage successful SEO campaigns from start to finish, and will help get you where you want to be in terms of your business success.

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