Is It Possible To Monitor Employees Virtually

Every employee has been supervised or lead by a senior person in the workplace. The boss or team lead monitors their work and activities in the office. Common ways of monitoring in majority workplaces are hiring a special department in-charge. Other monitoring technology like CCTV cameras etc. They are meant for the purpose to keep an eye on the overall office environment. And make sure employees know that someone is watching them. So they try to take every order seriously and follow the policies. And in the majority of cases, employers achieve this goal.

But with all the advancement in the technology sector employees know the shortcuts now. So in these circumstances, the duty of the monitoring body has been increased. To single-handedly manage the whole workplace is a demanding and tough job. Technology is here to help all those employers. Who wants to monitor every activity of their employees and save the record of it. We have monitoring software or apps for this purpose.

Now no need to check the CCTV footage, again and again, to keep an eye on some suspected employee. You can simply check their computer and read their text messages, track their real-time location. That’s right, along with these features phone & pc monitoring app. The software offers a lot of many other features that can allow the user to monitor the employees virtually. No need to physically have access to their smartphone or laptop.

OgyMogy offers spy app software for both the mac and windows systems. You can also check the cell phone activities by using the android spy app version. All you need to do is select the desired package and install the app by following easy and simple steps. It is important to mention here that you need to physically access the target phone or laptop once for installation purposes. After that, you will have complete remote access to the device data and activities.

Know Their Location History:

The app has this feature of tracking the employees virtually in real-time. Thus you will know the exact location of any of the employees virtually through GPS location tracking on google map.

Watch Their Screen Activities In Real-Time:

Employees face hundred of diversion during office work. Some ignore them others may got dragged. To make sure they are don’t get diverted during working hours OgyMogy provides the feature of screen recording. With Screen recording feature, the employer can watch the screen of employees remotely at any time. You can have surprise visit checks of the screen or can watch them in screenshot forms or small video recordings. Thus any suspicious activity will be monitored by OgyMogy and can be saved.

Monitor Employees Communication:

With the keylogging feature, the employer can check the email history of the employees. In fact, this feature can track all the typed keystroke of the target person’s device. Thus you have access to all the inbox and sent items and attachments as well as all the passwords related to that device. If someone is sharing any confidential data or media files through emails, the employer will know that right away. He can save the expected damages.

Get Record of All The Call Logs:

The call monitoring feature of the app can help you to get the details of all the incoming and outgoing call history. You will know about any new entry in the callbook. The employer can also listen to call recordings by OgyMogy to trace any suspicious activities or information sharing through calls. Android spy app can also recover all the deleted messages for you as well.

Keep An Eye On All The Internet Activities:

Ogymogy gives complete remote access to monitor all the online activities of the employees. Thus if anyone is watching online movies or playing games, the employer will get to know it with the help of track internet browsing history features of OgyMogy.

Ban Social Media During Working Hours:

Social media can be the source of diversion for the employees. So make sure no one uses social media during working hours. OgyMogy provides a list of spy apps for social media like Facebook app, Twitter, Snapchat spy app, Skype spy app, and many more. OgyMogy will monitor every social media activity for you.
With passing time technology has made our lives easier and less complicated so being an employer. It is your right to use the monitoring app and make your life peaceful.

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