Is It Easy For SEO and SEM to Work Together For Online Brands

With the corporate establishments hurrying to secure dominance in the virtual landscape and strengthen their online presence, it is pretty obvious that SEO and SEM lead the forefront. Both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can offer businesses the results they are looking for, albeit their individual strengths and weaknesses.

According to a recent study by 99firms, roughly 93% of all web traffic is generated through search engines these days. Hence there is no doubt about the fact that both SEO and SEM play a crucial role to improve performances of businesses when it comes to keyword targeting and aligning goals for future growth.

Google alone processes 2 trillion searches in a year. In light of this information, let us take a look at how SEO and SEM can work together for a brand and what challenges they face.    

How Do SEO and SEM Work Together?

It goes without saying that organic traffic offers long-lasting results and better conversion rates. While organic searches made by users cost you nothing, not even a single dime, paid search which is a part of SEM works differently.

This is where you pay companies like Google and Facebook to run your ads, and this can cost you money. However, there is a way where you can actually pay less for rank keywords through SEO, and you definitely need to contact the best SEO Company for this.

Paying Less for Rank Keywords – Combining SEO with SEM

It is important to know that a strong website that has been around for quite some time is a definite plus since it will offer you some link juice and accruing authority. Next up, you need to develop a network around your brand apart from your website.

This includes your blog and social media pages where you can efficiently distribute and broadcast your content. Moreover, it is recommended that you choose keywords that are less competitive. However, they should represent good volume but not too much bulk. The keyword should be relevant to your business.

The strategy is to use paid search to rank for keywords that you are initially unable to through purely SEO means. SEM thus can offer you the leverage you need to have to exercise more control over your advertising needs. Hence you spend money on terms where you do not rank well for using organic means. You can then use your paid search data and instruct your SEO targets.

Together you can manage keywords well through SEO and SEM reliving you of complete dependency on any one form of marketing.

Why Should Online Brands Look For SEO and SEM to Work Together?

It is highly recommended for brands to consider both SEO and SEM for obtaining maximized results online. While SEO can be slow to dish out results, it offers more useful information for users that is relevant. 

On-page SEO also concerns itself with improving the loading time of your website, and this can help to improve your rankings. Furthermore, on-page SEO focuses on enhancing user experience and make navigation easier for visitors. Benefits of SEO include targeted traffic, free implementation, and higher conversion rates.

On the other hand, SEM usually deploys PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per impression) tactics. Benefits of SEM include much faster results as compared to SEO, greater brand recognition through gained visibility, and easy to measure returns on investment.   

Long and Short Term Game

As a brand if you want to quickly rise into prominence online, paid marketing or SEM is the key to attaining quick results. However, since SEM incurs a cost that can be quite hefty at times, considering it for the long term reduces its effectiveness.

Paid search is best carried out when it is planned for a period of time. Hence your short term game plan can be focused on using SEM to drive traffic and conversions. For more long term game plan SEO is considered best as it is free and works out well by offering you long-lasting impressions.

More Chances of Getting Searched

As a quick note, combining both SEO and SEM can offer you the ability to get more chances of being searched. While Paid Search can quickly augment your brand’s visibility over several platforms. Companies can use SEO practices and continue to strengthen their overall authority through link building.

Link building in SEO is all about effective relationship building. Every high authority link has tremendous potential to drive traffic and visitors to your website.

Challenges Online Brands Can Face When Using SEO and SEM Together

While we have come to know of the ways through which both SEO and SEM can complement each other well. There is at times where businesses can face minor hiccups. These can include:

The Collision of Priorities & Resources

Working within an office or a workplace requires proper management of resources. This includes your professional and skilled workers, office equipment and tools, as well as time spent by employees during office hours.

This is where SEO teams and SEM team can face some sort of conflict. Where both are equally important, however, each of them requires support in the form and technology and assistance from the IT department whenever a need arises.

If your work teams are unable to cooperate well and unable to gel-in with each other than a debate about priorities can be raised, which will indefinitely hurt company objectives and targets. Talking about a collision of priorities and resources. Assignment Assistance offers expert help to manage your written tasks without missing out on your due dates and deadlines. 

Dependency on User Value

In highly competitive industries User Value dominates where even search engines penalize websites. If they are found to deliver a subpar quality of content that isn’t helpful for users. This can also become another source for confrontation for both SEO and SEM teams. Where the argument for quality vs quantity can be included.

SEM would defend itself by saying that it brings a huge number of potential clients. At the same time, SEO would argue that it offers better conversion rates through organic means as users with the intent of buying or making a purchase visit the website.

SEO and SEM – A Collective Effort

After having discussed the individual strengths and weakness of both SEO and SEM. There shouldn’t be any doubt that both can be used collectively to amplify business goals and objectives. SEM is much more favorable in the short term. Whereas long term goals can be adequately satisfied through SEO and other organic means.

For more questions regarding the topic, please feel free to provide your feedback by leaving a mention in the comment section below.

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