Is It a Good Idea for Online Businesses to Invest in a Dedicated Server?

Okay, so your business is performing well and making sales, congrats! Now, it’s time to take some important business decisions to take your business towards new heights of success. Investing in a dedicated server is one of the most sensible and profitable decisions that will provide you with loads of benefits. A dedicated server can help you improve the user experience when your potential customers visit your site, which will help you reach your sales potential. If you are wondering whether your online needs a dedicated server or not, here are a few reasons that will help you make a well-informed decision.

Let’s get started.

Provide Data Backup Storage

One of the major benefits of choosing a dedicated server is that it provides a lot of space to store your important data. If your business relies on multiple machines, with a server, you can control the function of all devices simultaneously on the same machine. A server can store the documents of each and every team member and then automate the backups of all machines to one central place. When your data is readily available on-site, it will eliminate the time and effort needed to create a backup plan.


Your business will love a dedicated server due to its invaluable feature – security. Though a cloud solution allows you to store your important data, your data is not under your control. In a large organization, configuring and installing security software to every single machine will take a lot of time and effort. However, if you buy dedicated servers, it will help you to easily address the issue of data control and make network-wide security management a lot easier. You can verify the integrity and location of the data and run virus scans, manage spam filters, and install programs by using a single machine. It acts as a hardware firewall that will increase the amount of security.

Offers a Secure Database

A database can store information that is easily accessible. A lot of applications, multiple point of sale, employee time clocks, and a lot of other functions are updated and stored on a database. A server acts as a secure database for highly sensitive and confidential information like inventory, orders, customers data, and much more.


If you choose a dedicated server over a shared server, you will have the option of upgrading your server resources. It will allow your business to expand and grow and which will help you attract a wider audience and earn more profits. In addition, the high bandwidth service will help you store your important data without causing the system to slow down.

Customization Features

When it comes to managing, monitoring, and changing your programs and software, choosing a dedicated server is a great idea. As it allows you to customize the server as per your preferences and your business’s specific needs. No matter in which industry you are working, a dedicated server can help you efficiently manage the workload as per your business needs and demands.

Reliable Bandwidth

In order to run a successful online business, it is important to have a reliable bandwidth to ensure your applications and software work efficiently. A reliable bandwidth service can give visitors a great user experience that will convince visitors to make a purchase, return, or recommend your website. The best thing about selecting a dedicated server is that it will provide you with a balanced bandwidth every time, regardless of the workload of the website. Plus, it will eliminate the risk of slowing your site down, as you don’t have to share the bandwidth with other sites.

You will have Your Own IP Address

When you have a dedicated server hosting available, it will provide you with your own IP address. However, in shared hosting plans, the option is not available. You have to share server space and resources as well as IP address with multiple sites. It is a great option for large organizations and ecommerce websites that require SSL for online payment.

To conclude It All

It’s no surprise that buying a dedicated server can cost you money, but it is an investment worth making. Once your online business starts to thrive, you will definitely need a dedicated server to maintain its scalability and growth. Going for it will provide you with a lot of benefits and help your business to perform at its best.

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Syed Hassan is a cybersecurity expert at HostNoc. HostNoc is a premium IT solution provider that offers dedicated servers, web hosting, and many other IT services and products so businesses can fulfill their business needs.