Is an Apple Watch Worth It?

There are many reasons to have the AppleCare insurance plan. In my family, one of the most important things is having adequate healthcare for our aging parents. As the kids grow up, they rely on our help financially as well as emotionally and physically. Because of this, we never want anything to happen to them and we take all necessary steps to ensure that they are safe.

My husband and I have both worked at different places for several years and both have medical insurance through their employer. Recently, we have discovered that we can now afford to switch to applecare. To our surprise, the cost of the premium is less than our other provider. This new cost has helped us to make significant savings that we are very excited about.

Switching to applecare from our previous provider was a simple process because they have a single billing and renewal process. In addition to that, the apple pricing scheme they offer us pay more than what we had been paying for our previous health insurance plan. The total cost of our three month membership is just under two hundred and fifty dollars. This makes it one of the least expensive health care plans we have ever encountered.

During our first month of applecare, we experienced one major setback. My husband accidentally dropped his apple watch during the day and broke it. Since he is a very passionate runner, he immediately purchased a new one from the apple store and brought it home to replace the watch.

Immediately after learning about the discounts that are available to residents of Minnesota, we started looking into applecare again. We wanted to see if it would be worth it to have two incidents of accidental damage covered by applecare for just our premiums and deductibles. To our surprise, my husband’s watch cost almost twice as much as the one he had previously purchased through the apple store. We were not able to find any kind of affordable plan with two incidents of accidental damage for just our monthly premiums and deductibles.

Fortunately there is another option for families with two incidents of accidental damage for just our monthly premiums and deductibles. This plan covers everything that my husband’s new macbook pro had, except the damages. For us, it made sense to purchase the extra coverage since my husband’s watch was clearly the greater value. He only spent around thirty-five dollars for the product versus over two hundred for our annual premiums.

The fourth incident that occurred made me think about how I could possibly justify the cost. Since my husband was running a marathon on a Saturday, he had purchased the necessary materials to run two miles before he left for work. He took his macbook pro with him, but he also packed two additional sets of iphone parts for the events that were less likely to affect the device, such as sprinting and walking. When he brought his new Apple device home, he realized that the iphone and parts were damaged from the water leaking in during the marathon.

It turned out that his iphone and various other parts of his electronic equipment were damaged from water leaking onto the floor of his office. While this was unfortunate, it did not make me think that my husband’s new apple watch was not worth it. So in this case, the cost of an apple watch was justified by the cost of the additional 2 select plans that we would have purchased for our families’ needs.

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