Interpreting a Janis Savitt Bracelet

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In every industry there are groundbreakers and then there are the legions that follow them and capitalize on the greatness of a great idea. It could be argued that the originality of an idea is truly a scarce thing and that the number of original ideas is remarkably low – and that instead the world has been populated by material that is ripped off of other, more original designs. That could be argued ad infinitum and there is no way to prove it – but it can hardly be argued that popular, original designs color everything in their wake for years to come.

Janis Savitt is known by many designs, but perhaps is best known for her designs in bracelets, with her many different cobra bracelets taking center stage. When it comes to bracelets, there are few contemporary designers that can be said to have had such a pronounced effect on fashion. By contrast, she certainly stands above the crowd. Many have copied her designs. That is the effect of a lasting, alluring piece of jewelry.

Her Single Open Back Cobra Bracelet gives the reader a good impression of what is typical in her designs in bracelets, although it is one of her simplest and least involved examples. A better representation would perhaps come in the form of her Small 5 Strand Cobra Bracelet in Gold. There are others, such as any of her Three Strand Bracelets, but this one is typical and iconic of her design.

Perhaps better than any of her other designs, this one gives the viewer a sense of beauty merged with infinity that is the cornerstone of her work. What makes one of her bracelets so mesmerizing is the fact that they appear to have no beginning and no end. They neither start nor finish, yet interesting enough they are not overly convoluted in their design. Taking the form of simple, segmented bangles of sorts, they do not in any way overwhelm the senses. Other designers dazzle and impress with complexity, Janis Savitt with form. Though they lack the complexity of features, as it is difficult to determine a beginning or ending point, they bespeak infinity.

There is more to one of her bracelets than the infinity of the elements that go into it. There is the harmony of the elements that does not become readily apparent until you take a look at one that makes use of more than one metal. Some of her bracelets are harmonious, delicate waltzes of gold, silver, and rhodium, whereas others make use of rose gold as well. The different characters of these metals arouse different emotions in the viewer while producing equally different effects. For example, silver is by and large demure and calming while gold is energizing and reminiscent of luxury. Yet these strands in these bracelets begin and end in each other, giving rise to a sense of interconnectedness that cannot be denied.

All of these features that you will find in one of her bracelets will be just as evident in examples of the other jewelry in her collection. For example, if you are looking for a refreshing change of pace, then you may want to take a look at a collection that contains her bracelets in addition to her necklaces and earrings.

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