International students in Canada and Australia

International students in Canada and Australia

In comparison to the UK and USA Australia and Canada are the top destinations for international students who are interested to study in the University of Canada. Every year lakhs of students are coming to Australia and Canada for study purposes.

While the UK and the USA are at the top for international students, but Australia and Canada have the best universities which are far better than there universities. Many students prefer to go for the best quality education and bright future in Canada universities.

According to the rule from the Canadian universities in the year, 2019 around 8, 00, and 00 students were studying in Canada. Another important point feature of Canada is that day by day international students have increased in there universities.

In Canada, Toronto is considered the best place for international students to study in their university but Australian university is also considered to be the topmost university in the world.

So what are the top courses in which the students are interested to study in Australia?

  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Business management
  • Computer science

And the Top courses in which the students are interested to study in Canada

  • MBA
  • Computer science
  • Agricultural science
  • Mass communication and journalism
  • Business and finance.

Canada is considered a beautiful planet in the world as It consists of different places like Toronto, Voncevour so because of its attraction for the beautiful cities and best universities Canada is considered to be the best place for education. The universities of Canada have given equal significance in comparison to the USA and UK universities.

Canada study visa consultants provide reliable services. Our registered immigration consultants are well trained and are experienced to provide the best immigration support for Australia and Canada. Our office is located in different cities like Zirakpur, Abohar, and in international countries like Australia and Canada.

So following are the requirements for study visa:

  • The new rules for study visas focus on the point that whether the student is going for study purpose or else wants to stay only on a temporary purpose.
  • An offer letter is required from the university in which the student wants to take the admission.
  • The students’ parents should have sufficient fees to cover-up all the expenses for the tuition fees and living expenses.
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of age then the student has to provide all the proof which is mandatory for the welfare arrangements.

So for the same Canada study visa consultants study visa lodge visa applications for all the students who are interested to study in Canadian universities. Our agents are well versed with laws of migration and procedure and are excel in providing proper guidance for immigration to Canada and Australia.

So to apply for the Australian study visa you should apply for a student visa which comes after subclass500. The student can apply for the Australia visa if they have got the offer letter from the university in which they have applied. If the applicant has applied for the holiday visa then also they can apply for a study visa. The fees for visa application Au$622, which has to be paid when the applicant will apply to the university. The duration of student visa will be till completion of their course including the vacations and for an extended time to stay in Australia.

Australia study visa consultants go through these procedures so that the applicant will get the visa without hassle-free process:

  • We will find your education goal and study of interest and according to that, we will provide you with the top universities of Australia in which the student can take the admission. We will also research about the tuition fees and duration of the course for which the student is interested. Before applying for the Australian universities the applicant has to submit the application and proof of your documents and proficiency for English and after this, the student will get the offer letter from the university.
  • When the offer letter has been received then the student has to show enough financial proof to cover-up for the travel, tuition fees and living cost expenses.
  • When the fees are paid and the offer letter is received the student will get the confirmation of the enrolment letter to take the admission to the university. This will confirm that the applicant has been qualified to join in the university course.

Australia study visa consultants can help you through the following process:

We provide you with the counselling session which will be free of cost held for the list of universities on the phone in which the student can take the admission.

We will provide you with all the information when the visa application will reach in your hand.

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