Interested in LED Fog Lights? Shop Smart with Diode Dynamics

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If you’ve heard about some of the purported benefits of LED lighting for your vehicle and want to make the switch over where you can to enjoy some of these benefits, then there are a few things you should know. First off, a lot of what they say about LEDs is true – they do draw much less power than incandescent bulbs and they will last a very long time, meaning you will end up having to replace fewer bulbs. You should also know this – if you are thinking about switching, the process doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Think, for example, about if your vehicle takes H11 halogen fog lights; let’s say you wanted to switch these out but were worried about the compatibility or the wiring you would need to do to pull it off. There are options out there that are plug and play and will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

For example, when you shop at Diode Dynamics, you will find options like their H11 SLF LED Bulbs that were specifically designed as a replacement for H11 bulbs. These LED fog lamps require no assembly and offer true plug and play functionality. In that regard, LED fog lights for your vehicle are just a swap away.

Yet LED fog light bulbs like these, as well as the other light assemblies and other LED and HID bulbs available at Diode Dynamics, are made to represent the highest level of quality. As a specific example, consider the superior focus afforded by the bulbs mentioned above. These fog lamps are not simply designed to offer street legal focus for use as driving fog lights, but their performance far exceeds the competition. A pioneer in lighting technology and optical focus, Diode Dynamics has created these LED fog lamps with superior optics so that they will appear brighter and more focused.

They’re not just reliable and noteworthy for their performance, either. You may have noticed that many LED fog lamps that you’ve already seen give off a somewhat greenish tint. This is because other producers make LED lights that do not emit a pure white light. These lights are somewhat cooler, with a tinge of blue light. When these lights are covered with a yellow lens, the yellow and blue mix to give off that familiar greenish tint.

Diode Dynamics’ fog lamps, on the other hand, produce a pure white light, so when it is covered by a yellow lens, the output is pure, rich amber, exactly what you would want in a fog lamp for negotiating adverse driving conditions.

If you’re looking for high powered LED fog lights that are easy to install and offer superior, industry defining performance, then has just what you need. Check out the product page for these fog lamps in question, listed above, to learn more.

Yet this is not all that Diode Dynamics can offer in terms of auxiliary lighting for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Whether you’re looking for LED work lights with a variety of beam patterns, driving lights, off road lights like an LED light bar or even daytime running lights, they have a variety of options. Just visit their website or get in touch with them today at 314-205-3033 to get started.

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