Install Wireless Lighting Control with the help of Atlanta Light Bulbs

If you are looking to modernize your home with the latest and smartest technology, the lighting that you choose to use can be one way to do this.

Many of us have probably had experience with using wired lighting. While wired lighting is incredibly convenient to provide light in multiple areas of our home, it can also have its complexities.

Due to the number of wires needed to properly get your lighting to work, sometimes wired lighting can be difficult to implement. If you run into any problems with your wired lighting fixture, you’ll have to resort back to those wires to troubleshoot the problem.

In order to make dealing with your lighting a lot easier, wireless lighting control systems may come in handy. When you deal with wireless lighting, you will not have to worry about working with the complex wiring systems throughout your home to ensure that your lighting is functioning at its best.

Wireless lighting works in a unique way that differs from wired lighting in the sense that it is versatile in how you want to control your lighting. They can be implemented throughout your home, office, closet, and more.

If wireless lighting control sounds interesting to you, you may want to evaluate how they work.

What is wireless lighting?

Wireless lighting is a form of lighting that doesn’t require advanced wiring installation to control how and where your lighting can work.

For example, if you want to add wireless lighting to your kitchen area, wireless lighting control systems can allow you to place the lights where you want, with the ability to be controlled by a remote or another simple and easy to use form.

If you are unsure of where to look in terms of where to find good quality wireless lighting, Atlanta Light Bulbs is a top resource. This method is viable for those who don’t want to deal with complicated wiring systems or if they want to install lighting in an area that is difficult for wiring to reach.

The wireless lighting control selection from Atlanta Light Bulbs offers a few different options to choose from. For their first option, you can select their plug-ins.

One that is listed on their website is the Lutron P-PKG1P-Wireless Lighting Control model. With this wireless lighting tool, you just plug in the lamp dimmer into your outlet where you can control up to two lamps with the remote control that it comes with. With this system, you can use the remote control to turn your lights on/off and brighten or dim them.

The next option Atlanta Light Bulbs offers on their site are wireless lighting control systems. You can purchase their Smart Bridge Pro Starter kit which comes with an in-wall dimmer, remote control, and a designer wall plate. This kit allows you to use 3rd party controls to power your lighting in the way that you wish.

Lastly, Atlanta Light Bulbs offers its wall-mounted wireless lighting control option. The one listed on their site is the Lutron P-PKG1W-WH model, another smart device that allows you to control the lighting around your home.

When shopping for wireless lighting control systems, Atlanta Light Bulbs makes the process easy for you to do while keeping affordable, name-brand products in mind.

If you are interested in purchasing wireless lighting from Atlanta Light Bulbs but need additional assistance in choosing the right one, you can contact their team to be matched with a lighting expert by calling: 1-888-988-2852 or emailing their team at

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