Initial Steps of a Kitchen Design Plan for a New Kitchen in the Future

Designing a kitchen for your new or existing home involves a huge investment in terms of energy, money, and time. Simultaneously, it is a challenging and stressful job. Before you should start the process of kitchen design or contact a kitchen design company in Sydney, you should set criteria for it.

Especially, you should look for a professional designer, who not only designs the layout of your kitchen cabinet but also each of the kitchen elements while remains involved in your complete project. This will give you cohesive designs to reflect the optimum style and function.

Preliminary Steps of Your New Kitchen Design

You have to discuss and determine with other members of your family who will use the existing kitchen. This include-

• You have to discuss various convenient options you expect to include in your new kitchen.

• You should evaluate when and how you cook, the place to serve your meals and entertain your guests.

• You should create an inventory of your dishes, serving bowls and pieces, silverware, linens, cookware items, and grocery storage requirements.

Each of these analyses will make sure that your new kitchen design accommodates the essential things you want.

Create an Interim Kitchen during the Construction Phase

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You have to face a downtime construction period of two months to three months or even more for the complete kitchen remodel. However, your family members require having food during this time.

Hence, before you should start the construction, you have to arrange an interim kitchen to cook foods, store and clean up until and unless you get the new kitchen on-line. For instance, if you own a bar sink in your family room you may move your old microwave or refrigerator near it to create an interim kitchen at the time of constructing the new one.

Determine the Space of Your New Kitchen

Whether you design a new home or remodel your existing one, you have limited space to design your dream kitchen. If you have a small space, you have to discuss with the experts of a kitchen design company in Sydney on your expansion options.

Depending on your requirement, your kitchen designer may recommend you alter your existing architectural plan. If you relocate or eliminate walls and add to your house to create additional kitchen space, you will improve the value and function of your room drastically.

Alternatively, if you do not choose for additions to your house and simply relocate or remove walls, you infringe on contiguous space and reduce its size. Only, you have to decide whether you can give up other space for increasing the size of your kitchen. According to the experts of a kitchen design company in Sydney, if homeowners can adjust without any adjoining space, they can use the additional space to renovate the kitchen.

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Identification of the Load-bearing Situation

Whenever you make plans to relocate or remove walls, you have to determine a prime factor i.e. whether you encounter a load-bearing type of situation. This takes place when the walls work as support systems for your home’s structure.

In most of the cases, professionals of a kitchen design company Sydney determines this situation while in others, you have to take help from a structural engineer along with the designer expert. In the case of a non-load-bearing situation, your kitchen designer may step ahead to create the space according to your new plan.

On the other side, in case of a load-bearing issue, your architect and structural engineer have to design the right structural solution to reallocate or remove the walls. In other words, your hired structural engineer has to submit the essential design calculations to your building authority to get the permit. Once everything is done, your contractor may step ahead to create the structure according to the specifications given by your engineer or architect.

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