Induction Training Program: What is the Significance?

In this present-day life, if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to think and act a step ahead. You must work on your intelligence and skills. You must refine yourself with training to ensure that you are getting better.

Okay, so you are assuming that this induction training is not really significant right?  Well, you need to think again. All the advanced research points to it being more crucial than ever in obtaining and retaining talent and in filling new employees with utmost confidence and knowledge at the beginning. The importance of the induction training program is getting higher only and you must not miss out on it.

As per a study, a third of new hires make up their mind regarding staying with a business in the foremost week! Millennials even expect an onboarding program that motivates them. With so much of talent in short supply, you don’t want to allow it slip through your fingers by throwing a bad or shallow induction experience at your new recruits so they depart nearly as soon as they arrive. Neither do you wish to miss this excellent opportunity to inspire your new employees with the culture of your company? Moreover, leading organizations and businesses do recognize that recruiting and retaining employees is a massive issue. The point is that induction training is now getting seen for its true worth.

Wrong perceptions

Most of the employees walk into a new job with the utmost enthusiasm. They cannot want to get stuck in, make an impact, develop their sets of skills, and develop to the next stage in their career. Unfortunately, this idealism doesn’t always last and even some staff members turn out to be disenchanted very quickly. Often, it might be attributed to a lack of support, a failure by the company or organization to communicate main responsibilities, and an overwhelming sum of new information.

Remember that the conventional or traditional workplace induction does not mostly fire people up and this might be because of its delivery method. The general all at once induction forms up information overload. Fresh employees can swiftly become flooded by all of this fresh information and as a result, fail to really learn and understand the inner workings of your business. This might have consequences on both the happiness of staff members and even the productivity of your business.

Be careful how you start things

In case you get it wrong, you might need to fix things by retraining your staff and catering to them the knowledge that you failed to communicate in an effective manner the first time. Perhaps you can simply begin by altering the term induction to orientation – a word or term more suited to the actual task in hand.


So, you can decide on the best training programs for your staff members to keep them informed and motivated. You can even pick online instructor-led training for them and ensure the utmost productivity. Once you make a move in the right direction with proper training programs, you would retain your employees and keep the spirits high too.

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