In Search Of Indigenous Cultures Of The World

Moroccan Berber Women

Traveling literally means to explore something new. If a traveler visits the place, he has to see and experience something new and unique which can entertain him. Visiting Morocco was my life’s first experience and it went cool. My dreams were to explore the world, countries, cities, and towns. Unique and indigenous type of traveling came into my life when I first visited Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and witnessed a very different cultured which inspired me.

Virikson Holidays helped me a lot to travel to the most indigenous destinations of the world to explore according to my interests. Many of you might have the interest to get on to such places. Let me give you an idea of some of those destinations and tribes to explore.

Top 5 Culturally Indegnous Destinations:

Here are some suggested culturally indigenous places in the world you should visit and explore the world’s unique tribes, Cultures, and their traditions.

Atlas Mountains – Morocco:

When we landed in Morocco, we already knew that we were going to explore something very new and unique. We found Morocco a very unique and authentic in terms of Arab African culture and traditions.

We reached the glamorous city of Fez and then headed towards the Atlas Mountains just after getting complete rest. The distance is nearly 8 hours and hectic too. Well, when you finally reach the place, the real moment to explore the destination, its indigenous nature and the traditions they locally owe.

For a traveler, to know this would be important that Morocco’s history tells about the influence of many nations here. In Past, Romans, French, and Outsider Arabs conquered the area but thousands of years ownership of the place is to the Berbers who are still living and owning the place.

What you need to do is to explore the destination and its true essence, stroll and trek into the area and explore it. Cultural experiences would not complete if you will not try the local Berber traditional food. So have all the pleasures in the place.

Guinea- Tufi People:

While exploring the authentic unique old cultural experiences, you will be inspired to know that there are more than 700 languages different tribes speakers in that region. They have their own identities, Music, dance, and other traditions including the delicious tribal dishes.

What you should try is the top famous dish in Papua New Guinea, Chicken pot, Along with that Mumu, another traditional dish and Never miss Kokoda fish.

Trekking on the Kokoda track is one of the most famous activities you should do. Also include some hunting activity too if you like, otherwise, try to participate in any bonfire activity along with the locals.

Masai Community In Kenya:

A visit to Kenya to explore that tribe would definitely be an interesting trip of your life I’m damn sure. Do you know that this community is a Nilotic ethnic group and living in this part of Kenya including some parts of Tanzania too?

I found them so friendly and welcoming people. Yes, you will also be hosted well. What you have to do there is a diverse range of activities. You can trek on Mount Kenya and can overview the wildlife like the Rhinos and elephants.

As the food is the central part of the culture to explore. In tribal dishes, the African Sausage called Mutura, Ugali and Matumbo Stew are the most famous.

Get a lot of traditional experiences in Central and Southern Kenya.

Austronesian Tribes- Taiwan:

Do you believe that this tribe is living in Taiwan for the last fifteen thousand years? Yes according to the anthropologists, this place is original for the Austronesians. I see it as a great attraction for travelers who visit Taiwan for the purpose to explore tribal experiences.

By getting there, you will know that there is not only a single tribe, but Taiwanese Aborigines, and Formosan people also occupy the place with diverse traditional values. You will stay some days, speel, walk and eat with them to feel like them. This would impact your cultural indigenous trip at someplace on earth.

Taiwanese food will literally inspire you, try tribal cuisine and then share your experiences.

Kazakh and other tribes in Mongolia:

You will get amazed by knowing that forty percent of the population in Mongolia still lives with the traditional and tribal norms in Mongolia. Travelers visit Mongolia during the festival season mostly to witness the original and authentic indigenous cultures.

You will experience a perfect glimpse of the Nomadic way of life people living in Mongolia keeping their living standards and values. This might have a good or bad impact on new travelers but if you are there only for the sake of life being there, you will enjoy exploring the right Mongolian tribal culture.

An eagle hunt festival is famous in Mongolia, search for the dates and see if you can manage to witness the traditional event.

Have a great experience exploring world’s most indigenous cultures.

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