In Defense of Those Who Buy Wood Burning Fireplaces

There are so many convenient, practical and modern options out there for heating your home and providing the ambience of a fire, that to some it can seem surprising that there are people who still actively buy wood burning fireplaces. Yes, there are linear electric fireplaces that can be controlled with the push of a button, and gas fireplaces that are surprisingly effective at heating a home, but at the end of the day, there are some advantages to wood burning fireplaces that all of modern technology can’t circumvent.

While you might personally be turned off by the fact that, if you own a wood burning fireplace or stove, you need to cut, split and season your own wood; or the fact that lighting a real fire takes an uncommon measure of skill; or the fact that a wood burning fireplace will require much more maintenance than modern alternatives. Even with all of these in mind, we’ll let you in on some of the benefits of wood burning fireplaces that can’t be bargained or reckoned away.

First, there is the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace, that cannot be matched by an alternative. Other fireplaces can light and heat your home, but the naturally soothing sounds of a crackling fireplace, as well as the pleasant, lingering scent, have no real substitute. At the same time, the heat of a wood fireplace – or a stove – when directed and managed properly, can be much more effective than some alternatives.

That is a matter of ambience, and there’s no denying it, but there is more value to a wood burning fireplace than that. Electric fireplaces and gas fireplaces may be more convenient to control and operate than a wood fire, but when the power goes out, they’re adrift.

A wood fire requires nothing more than skill and fuel to use. When the power goes out, or it gets very cold, all you need are your logs and your wits and you can not only heat and light your home, but provide a solution for cooking as well. That’s an entirely different selling point all of its own. There are many people who not only heat their homes with wood, but who do much of their cooking on wood burning stoves as well.

In addition, in the hands of a skilled stoker, to use the term poetically, one can exert more control over a wood fire or wood stove than even with gas or electricity. The height of the flames, the heat of the fire, or the rate at which it burns can all be carefully controlled via the addition of wood, the structure of the fire, the inlet of oxygen and even the use of ash as an insulator.

Admittedly, a wood fireplace is more work than any other alternative, and you will need to maintain the fireplace and the chimney seasonally to ensure that they remain safe to use, but even so, there are some who buy wood burning fireplaces that would not trade them for the world.

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