In Defense of Butane Lighter Fuel

In Defense of Butane Lighter Fuel

Smoking a cigar is an experience that will engage and delight most of your senses if not all of them. Visually, a cigar is a beauty to behold, and it is equally pleasant to feel in your hand. Nothing needs to be said about the flavor and essence of your favorite blend. That is self-evident.

The matter at hand is one of how the cigar should be lit. There are many purists out there, still, who would not have a cigar any other way but light at the end of a thin strip of cedar wood that comes in the box. That, traditionally, is the way that cigars have been lit, for many, many years. Some cigars even come with a thin cedar wrapper by which they may be lit.

There are others out there who, though taking less of a hardline stance, would not light a cigar any other way but by a match. Even making this concession, some of them would use only a wooden match and only apply it to the foot of their cigar after allowing all of the sulfur to burn off – as well they should.

However, the truth of the matter is that, although there is nothing at all wrong with lighting cigars in the manners described above, there are other solutions out there. Now, we recognize that lighter fuels and lighter fluids can be a divisive topic, but in this article, at minimum, we’re going to provide a defense for butane lighter fuel in specific.

Butane fuel, whether it is used to provide a torch flame or a soft lighter flame, is not like liquid lighter fuels. Some would argue against using these to light cigars, and though we would like to say ‘to each their own,’ some of these people have a point. Liquid lighter fluids will impart a taste to the tobacco, even if it is fleeting.

Butane lighter fuel, on the other hand, is essentially flavorless, even before it is burned. The combustion of butane is very clean and produces very, very little waste and none that can be detected by the human nose or by taste buds.

Therefore, butane lighter fluid can be used to apply a very clean and very effective light to a cigar, or to a pipe, for that matter. While it will not provide the pleasant, spicy notes of cedar, it also will not impart the harsh, chemical notes of liquid lighter fluids.

It also bears noting, once again, that it does not matter whether butane fuel is administered as an agent of combustion through either a soft flame or a torch flame. The effect will be the same, although careless hands may scorch the foot of a cigar with a torch flame.

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