Important Components of an Inkjet Printer To Know About

Printers are of various different types and varieties. Depending on the technology used in the printer and the functions of the printer, they have different registered names. Inkjet technology is different compared to laser printing which is used in machines like Xerox copiers. Deskjet is a special inkjet printer developed by HP for desk use at home or office.

Components of an Inkjet Printer :

An industrial inkjet printer has a lot more to it than print heads and printer ink online. It has the following components.

  1. Print heads – Print heads are the core of the machine and the most important part. It is basically a series of nozzles that influence the quality and resolution of printed pictures or characters according to their number and sizes.
  2. Ink supply system –This system is different in every printer according to printer type and ink cartridges and continuous ink supply systems (CISS). When buying ink cartridges online you will notice that they come in various combinations according to the manufacturer and printer type. The cartridges of some inkjet printers come with the print head itself. Ink cartridges may be available in separate black and color cartridges, black and color together in a single cartridge, or a separate cartridge for each ink color.

Continuous Ink Supply System the most effective and efficient way to reduce the cost of printing when it comes to inkjet printers. When printing frequently and in large quantities, such as color copying, instant printing of digital media, printing photos, posters and other promotional materials, CISS proves to be especially beneficial.

  • Stepper motor – print head stepper motor moves the print head containing ink cartridges across the paper. Stepper motors are used to pause the printhead in one place when the printer is not in use.
  • Belt – The belt attaches the print head assembly with the stepper motor.
  • Stabilizer bar – As the name suggests, the bar stabilizes the bar to ensure that movement is precise and controlled.

Conclusion :

An inkjet printer is an extremely useful machine, which can be used both at home and in an office, with full efficiency and deliver quality results.  

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