Importance Software Testing and QA process

Quality Assurance

The purpose of Quality assurance is to verify the website or mobile product for client’s specifications before its delivery to the end user. It reviews the application’s functions and look for any system faults, bugs or defects. It basically ensures that the organization delivers the best software product with enhanced and user friendly interface to its customers. 

Software Testing 

This, on the other hand is a process by which the testers check an application’s functions and do mobile performance testing for measuring its correctness as per the user’s requirements. Main purpose of Software testing is to find out any errors or bugs that might be present in the product to fix them before the application’s release. 

To get the best results, testing is done in many phases done at various stages of software development. It starts with testing individual modules and proceeds towards testing whole integrated application. 

Software or mobile app automation testing is performed in these four stages that are listed below;

Making a Test Strategy

This step involves the testing methods, tools and techniques that the QA testers are going to use for testing an application or software.

Coming up with a Testing plan

Test Planning involves building the testing team, assigning their roles and responsibilities, objectives of test various test phases and setting up testing time schedule.  

Designing Test case

It involves identifying the test cases for each component of the application or software to be tested. 

Testing Procedures

It involves the steps to execute those test cases and specifies any requirements that need to be included.

While testing a system, the Quality assurance testers use different testing tools and techniques at different point of time to get the reliable outcome. Software Testing and Quality Assurance both are essential to identify system threats and defects and to deliver bug-free software with improved user interface. Software or Mobile browser Testing evaluates completely integrated application to validate its specifications and functions respect to the client or end user’s requirements. This is done before the application or software is launched in the market to ensure its completely bug-free without any system loopholes.

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