Ideas for a Janis Savitt Bracelet

Janis Savitt is a name that you would recognize well if only for the fact that her designs are so widely lauded by popular figures. These figures, such as Oprah, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, and others represent the highest echelon of critical praise that a designer can enjoy.

As you can find Janis Savitt jewelry adorning the forms of celebrities around the world, it enjoys a popularity that is little rivaled. Here are some of the looks you can pull off with one of Janis Savitt’s bracelets, for which the designer is likely most famous.

Plain and Simple

It’s odd to suggest that a Savitt bracelet can be plain or simple, but by contrast to some of the designs that you will see shortly, that’s just what they are.

Consider a bracelet like her Single Open Back Cobra Bracelet. Beautiful and bright, this bracelet offers a lot of visual appeal without overbearing the senses. It’s also one of her only single designs with an open back. By comparison to some of these that will follow, it’s simply understated; ideal for a more casual look.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Taking her inspiration a step further, you will come across some Savitt designs that are more intricate and thus more compelling. Only a quick look at one of her double or triple cobra bracelets in gold and you’ll be swayed.

Rife with commotion and movement and alive with the immortal essence of gold, it’s no wonder that Savitt bracelets can be found adorning the looks of critics and other designers the world over.

A More Demure and Sophisticated Appearance

At the same time, you can scale back the impression of a Savitt bracelet with one of her silver or rhodium designs. Some of her more complicated pieces make the most of these elements in a triple cobra bracelet or even a more vibrant and fluid offering.

The presentation of her Triple Twist Rhodium Bracelet can hardly be paralleled. Elegant, stimulating to the senses, and understated through the impression of simple Rhodium, this is a bracelet, a design, even, that brings a lot of flexibility to the table.

Harmony of Elements

Finally, you can complete an ensemble with a Savitt bracelet by cultivating a harmony of elements. This is achieved most effortlessly through Janis Savitt’s Cobra Bracelets that are made with several strands of different metals.

Options like her Six Stand Cobra Bracelet in yellow and rose gold and rhodium are complex and fascinating. With the regal tones of yellow gold subdued by the more modest impression of the rhodium, this is a complicated offering. Tempering the entire comportment of the piece is the influence of rose gold, which, like copper, dazzles everything it touches.

Top If Off with a Janis Savitt Necklace

These are some of the best looks you can create with the help of a Savitt bracelet but don’t forget that Janis Savitt, famous though she is for her bracelets, is a complete designer.

For those who are looking for a way to perfect the look of an ensemble incorporating a Savitt bracelet, there are her necklaces. Some of her designs will reverberate beautifully alongside her bracelets, for a finished look that cannot be rivaled.

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