Why Sunknowledge is The Ideal Infusion Prior Authorization Destination?

For a seamless infusion prior authorization practice, it becomes extremely essential to have a strong and experienced biller, certified codes, and coordinating and up to dated experts working in achieving the authorization process. As the infusion billing has a unique system of procedure hierarchies with more possibilities for billing mistakes. Furthermore, the time codes are another feature that is unique to infusion billing and requires undivided attention. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc fits in.

Providing undivided attention from experienced billers and coders, Sunknoledge experts one of the primary goals is to close all the authorization gaps not only faster but also efficiently. Being regularly up to date and keeping complete track of all the varying rules for different payers and coverage plans, our experts ensure continuous follow-up and timely claims submission further improving the DSO.

Being one of the leading DME, HME, prosthetics, infusion authorization solutions, our experts reducing the costs and headaches for both providers and patients; ensures 100% authorization submission on the same day.

Taking your complete infusion service responsibilities, starting from authorization initial, follow up and approval, we make an effort to eliminate the unnecessary paperwork and claims giving you more time on treatment and care.

Streamlining the complex prior authorization workflows for various hospitals, clinics, imaging center for more than 28 specialties, our experts further focus on:

  • 80% operational cost reduction
  • 99.9% accuracy rate in all the process
  • Highest productivity metrics in the industry
  • Increase in the authorization rate by 1.5-2x
  • We also ensure three prior authorization requests in an hour and a 95 percent approval rate for our prior authorization activities

So if you are looking for an operational extension that can not only eliminate the infusion prior authorization burden but has offers providers with the assurance of seamless operation, then we are the ideal solution promising a faster reimbursement.

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