How You Can Earn Extra Cash by Selling Your Scrap Truck to a Truck Wrecker Melbourne

Do you still have that old truck in your garage from the early days of your grandpa’s struggling years? Are you in dire need of quick cash and don’t really have anything to sell in your house? Well, let us point out the fact that you can always sell your old unused trucks in exchange for hard cash. You heard that right, we the truck wreckers Melbourne take every type of truck. On top of that, we are one of the most trusted and famous cash for truck wreckers services in Victoria!

Whatever the model of your truck is, however old it is. We accept every type of truck. You never know how much worth of junk you have in your house till you go out and sell them!.

How much is your truck worth?

We have a very professional and transparent system to estimate the rate of trucks we receive from every customer. After receiving each truck, the whole vehicle is inspected carefully and each and every working part and over average condition part is noted down so that you receive the most from your truck. In addition to that, your truck size, model number, and age also matter when we calculate the cost. And only after a thorough inspection, we finally deduce a price from it which is paid immediately after we have received the whole vehicle in our hands.

How can you sell your truck for cash?

Unlike other truck to cash providing services, we, known as one of the trusted truck wreckers Victoria, provide free truck pickup services. Be it your home or your uncle’s house or kept somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we provide 100% free truck pickup service. This means you don’t have to anything and can sell your old truck in a hassle-free manner.

How to contact us?

We are one of the most reliable truck wrecking service providers in the whole of Melbourne. you can always contact us by either messaging us via our website in which you have to give the following details:-

  • name
  • address of the pickup
  • model and make number
  • phone number

After entering the given details, we will contact you as soon as possible and give our quote. On the other hand, you can call us on 0432 012 232 and give the necessary details about your truck. Contacting and selling your truck has been never been easy. Your truck is just one call away from selling. We provide our services to the whole Melbourne city and have continuously done this for the last 2 decades. All the truck disposing facilities we have are 100% environmentally friendly because we aim to reuse almost every part of the truck we receive. So no need to worry about that grandpa truck in your garage. If you are looking for any trusted truck wreckers Victoria or truck wreckers Melbourne, just call us and get rid of it today!.

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