How Wi-Fi can prove to be better?

Probably one single wireless router, irrespective of how good it is, might not be able to provide consistent and full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the large office premises or home. Hence, in a particular room, the speed could be just perfect, while in the other, there may be experienced dead zones, where level of signal could be either disappear completely or be too less to be considered useful. Taking the help of the professionals at can solve such issues.

Positive solutions

This problem, until recently was solved with the installation of a second router, with the crucial feature being repeater mode support. It only meant more problems. The second router could be configured to expand first one’s signal, thereby stabilizing the connection to some extent. Although significant increase and stabilization was noticed in the coverage area, another problem arose. There was noticed considerable drop in connection speed on every new repeater. Logging onto did help to get appropriate solutions to the problem.

Availability of good quality Wi-Fi systems

There are available several branded, super quality Wi-Fi systems in the market. Checking out mywifiext can help to know how they are to be purchased and installed the correct way to derive better results. The best Wi-Fi system comprises of various devices, with a single ‘base’ station and numerous affordable and smaller beacons that are designed to be fit just about anywhere as desired, to expand network coverage. Majority of the products found come in pre-configured packages for specific sized enterprises.

Easy set up

Connecting a single device of the leading brand will suffice to the network and have other access points placed in remote rooms, thereby offering stable Wi-Fi signal. Mesh networking model has been implemented by the qualified engineers, which means all nodes being formally equal and system having the ability to manage on itself.

Therefore, unlike the “router, repeater 1 & 2” scheme, with the major router being used for managing all routing and network issues and other devices relaying the information simply as dumb extenders, the reputed devices can be termed to be full-fledged routers, developing Mesh Network, with each node serving as transition point for the other node preset in the system. Thus, it works together to provide powerful and evenly distributed signal across the whole mesh. It helps to eliminate weak points and dead spots at the business Wi-Fi. This means, wherever there is Wi-Fi in the Mesh, it is possible to enjoy strong signal. Mywifiext can provide top quality solutions to Wi-Fi requirements in the business.

Such new WiFi breed of systems comes with the possibility to be integrated using dedicated app on the phone, thereby allowing managing all system related aspects, including speed tests, etc. If there is required a need to log onto that weird web address to use confusing, ugly web interface for the purpose of configuring the router, then it is indeed a big deal. The professionals at Mywifiext do offer solutions with IP login.

In case, you feel that the instructions are confusing setup login, contact our professionals to get assistance. We have highly qualified technicians in a huge team to offer complete setup assistance and installation guidance. We are here to resolve any big or small issue associated with the setup of any Netgear extender model. You can contact us to reconnect your extender with the main router. We specialize in Netgear Extender troubleshooting. So, feel free about getting the best solution to any problem related to Netgear extender of Wi-Fi network.

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