How to wash an inflatable mattress?

Cleaning an inflatable mattress is quite easy, for that we will explain how to do it.

For an inflatable mattress without a flocking layer

If your mattress does not have a layer of flocking (otherwise called velor which allows the skin not to be in contact with the PVC of the mattress for reasons of comfort), you will simply have to clean it using a sponge and a not too aggressive product such as Marseille soap.

Beforehand, inflate the mattress to make Mattress Cleaning in Sydney easier. You should only use a sponge and in no case the green side which would be too abrasive. Once this is done, all you have to do is dry it with a towel or wait for the water to evaporate.

For an inflatable mattress with a flocking layer

It is also the same if your mattress is flocked. The only difference will be in the fact that you should avoid putting too much soap on the part with the velvet because you might have trouble rinsing it off afterward. The only solution for it to dry will be to wait. You can put it to dry in the sun, however, ensure that it is not too inflated because if it is and it is very hot, you could damage your inflatable mattress.

What not to do when washing an inflatable mattress

We have read advice on the web that could damage your mattress or inflatable furniture. They are certainly not to be followed! So if you want to take care of your mattress and give it a good lifespan:

never put your mattress in your washing machine! ..

never use a vacuum cleaner to remove food scraps from inflatable furniture …

How to extend the life of your inflatable mattress?

Your inflatable mattress has become your favorite extra bed and you can’t move around without it. So you want it to stay in perfect condition as long as possible. We are going to give you some tips to preserve it as much as possible so that it retains its comfort that suits you so well for many years.

First of all, it is important to specify that the lifespan of your mattress is intimately linked to your frequency of use. For example, if you use your inflatable bed as the main bed, it will obviously wear out much faster. But apart from natural wear and tear, on which (unfortunately) you will not be able to do much, we will give you solutions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Protect your mattress from punctures

The first thing you need to think about is paying attention to the floor you are going to place your mattress on. Indeed, a lot of impurities, which most of the time will be invisible, hang out on the floors of houses. These can lead to punctures, in particular by the friction of the mattress when you move during the night. The ideal solution will therefore be to provide a box spring and a mattress frame for your extra bed. Note that there are models of electric inflatable mattresses with an integrated box spring and protective frame. In cases where this is not possible, always remember to lay a blanket on the floor before inflating your mattress. This will protect it effectively.

Take care of the welds

One of the most fragile parts of your air mattress will be the set of welds that keep the air captive. Indeed, the joints endure very strong pressure due to the weight of the people installed on the mattress. In order to reduce this pressure, it is best not to inflate your mattress to its maximum, especially the first few times. You will need to stop inflating it slightly beforehand to enjoy good support while avoiding any possibility of cracking the welds. These will thus be able to support more easily the movements of air inside the mattress caused by your movements. And if you want to sleep on a hard mattress, covering your mattress with memory foam will allow you to compensate for this slight loss of firmness. Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney.

Fold and store your inflatable mattress

When you are no longer using your inflatable mattress, it will need to be folded up perfectly. You will need to take care to vacuum the top of your mattress beforehand so that there is no chance for dirt to mix with your mattress.

The folding will have to be neat and you will have to protect the welds. Storage should be in a ventilated and dry room. You will have to unfold your mattress so as not to leave it compressed in its bag.

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