How to Utilize Social Media Channels for Growth?

If you want to start with sustainable growth for your business. Then, in today’s time, you got to explore the power of social media. There are many social media channels these days that could fit your business target market. Evaluate and get started for generating some good leads and numbers.

Get Started on YouTube

That’s all. YouTube is no longer a toy. And it’s no longer exotic in the context of your content marketing and lead generation. People love images, photos, and pictures of cats, but they want to watch videos even more.

As a result, this has led to the fact that YouTube has become a search engine second only to Google. It has 1.5 billion users and is growing every day. And now YouTube is cooler than TV. Therefore, creating video content, posting it on your own YouTube channel and posting links to the video on social networks will increase interest and increase the virality of the brand. We will give some tips that will increase your efficiency in this matter.

  1. Personality and information are more important than editing, light, special effects.
  2. Release videos regularly at least once a week.
  3. Immediately after a new video appears on the channel, link to it in all social networks and blogs. If possible, pay for placement on popular publishers. Then your video will hit the trends and will be present in the organic search results of YouTube.
  4. Be sure to attach a lead magnet to the video: a link to free access to the webinar, a demo version of the product, a training record, an e-book.
  5. Create aha content. This is information that will shock the user with its relevance, relevance and applicability to his situation. Agree, for this you need to know your target audience very well.

Deal with Instagram

As we said, Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world. In addition, a list of effective tools has been created and tested that allows you to successfully sell with its help. Just like discord fonts which are very popular. Take note of a few Instagram recommendations.

 1. Increase conversion. Very often accounts with 200,000 subscribers generate profits much better than millions. Therefore, think not about quantity, but about quality of subscribers.

2. Create added value. This is achieved by increasing the usefulness of the posted content to create an aha effect. Also, after you’ve passed the 200,000-subscriber mark and the niche’s capacity isn’t depleted, add some personal details about yourself.

3. Collect a truly loyal audience. Tricky technologies with paid traffic, as well as mass-following and mass-liking may be good at the very beginning. But using them will not work for a long time. You need a real customer base. After all, you are not the lead creator from Dead Souls.

4. Gradually start interacting with other bloggers. Interaction means joint contests, promotions, gifts. Ideally, you should organize 4 such events per month with bloggers with 300,000 or more subscribers. And even up to 12-15 with those who have less than 300 subscribers.

How to Do Targeting?

Targeted advertising is one of the social media promotion tools. It informs the potential buyer about the product and its consumer properties. Unlike traditional advertising, targeting provides information in an unobtrusive way.

The advantage of targeted advertising is that it is targeted specifically at the target audience. This is more efficient, since the costs are only for those who might be interested in the product.

The cost of targeted advertising varies from the breadth of the request to the target audience. If you are serious about detailing the portrait, then the cost per click will be higher. But at the same time, most likely, it will give the best result.

A prerequisite for launching targeted advertising is ad moderation by social network services. This usually takes less than a day. Then it appears on the net.


We talked about how to attract customers through social networks. You don’t need a lot of tools for this. But the result, if you follow our advice, will be impressive.

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