How to Use Customized Oil Change Stickers to Market Your Business

How to Use Customized Oil Change Stickers to Market Your Business

Customized oil change stickers are one of the most liked promotional tools today. They come in attractive designs, with informative messages and with an overall appearance that are custom-designed. You can use these stickers for a number of purposes. Apart from letting people know about your company’s presence, they can also be used as gift items for various occasions. Here are some of the occasions to which these stickers can be best applied:

Let people know that you provide a great car service by providing customized oil change stickers with your logo or message on them. This is a very effective tool. Most people like receiving tangible items as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and hard work. Oil change stickers will be received by people on a regular basis, and most will be kept and utilized for a long time. This form of promotion is very cost-effective for any company, as they don’t require too much investment. It can also be a wonderful tool to increase sales and awareness of your company.

Give discounts to customers who bring their own oil change containers to the service station. Customers can bring their own jars and tubes or bring a can or bottle of their own oil. The discount given depends on the size and brand of the container. A can or bottle will receive a larger discount than a large jar. Your company name should be printed on the label so that people can easily recognize your company whenever they see it.

Promote your service station using stickers placed on strategic locations. You can use these stickers in all areas of the service station, including all windows, entrances, employee break rooms and parking lot. The strategic locations must be visible from a distance. You can also make these stickers more visually appealing by having special lettering or numbering on them. The stickers you choose should be large enough to be easily seen from afar, and they should be in colors that can easily be seen in the parking lot.

Create an awareness of your brand by designing and selling your own sticker. Customized oil change stickers can include the name and telephone number of your company, as well as your logo. You can also add the logo and brand of your competitors. If you own a service station that is located in a busy area, you can design and sell stickers that have your logo and company slogan printed in fluorescent letters at eye-level.

The shape of the stickers should be such that they can be easily recognized by drivers driving by. They should not be obtrusive, but should fit in with the rest of the station. You can also offer a discount to customers who bring their own cans of oil to the office.

You can also incorporate your company name into your sticker or design a catchy slogan that will advertise your business. It should be short and simple, so that it is easy for drivers to read. You can also offer a discount to drivers who bring their own oil to the station. Customers who receive these stickers will likely be more likely to frequent your station if they see your logo on them. This may encourage new customers to start using your oil changing business. Additionally, they may be willing to consider switching to your brand when they next need to oil their car.

oil change stickers are cost effective marketing tools, especially if you offer a rewards program. You can choose from several different designs, which your customers can then take home to show their friends. This will generate additional leads and word of mouth advertisement that you would not otherwise get. If you offer customers the option to purchase more than one sticker, they may decide to buy several different ones to show their friends. Stickers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, so you can choose one that best fits your station’s logo.