How to uninstall Office when it creates problems?

Objective: To  uninstall Office if the uninstallation procedure shows some problems. How to do?

Microsoft Office, the suite of the same name So is widely used for the construction of visual and textual files, but sometimes creates problems of alignment or crash to the machine as it is installed incorrectly.

uninstall office

Uninstalling Microsoft office is a complex procedure if you do not know the right steps to take, so we decided to explain how to uninstall the program.

To uninstall the Microsoft office program, it is important to first understand that it is not a single program but a complete suite is made up of several components.

Uninstall Office, the procedure

Before uninstalling the suite, evaluate the model and the installation date:

  1. Confirm the version
  2. Double-check the update that interests you or the replacement program
  3. Confirm any related extensions and plugins

Once you have obtained a complete report, start the uninstallation procedure, we have selected three:

  1. First mode: external program OffScrub VBScript
  2. Second mode: free office fix
  3. Third mode: pc function

Here are the specifics of the three ways to uninstall Office.

Just remember that: completely uninstalling the Windows office results in the total lack of the same from the machine, it cannot be re-installed except with an external source.

OffScrub VBScript, the universal office cleaner for Microsoft

The program to uninstall Office is the right product in case your machine has a continuous crash or a freeze running and does not allow you to access it differently.

In reality it is not a real external program but a program that cannot be “viewed” is activated from the fix it panel obtaining a support file .vbs ( link )

The fix-it: the suite’s problem management panel comes in handy. It is possible to uninstall directly by going through the latter. To reach it just: going to the official Windows page, select your version. Eg: w office 201, w office 2010, w office 2007. To follow on the specific page on the official Windows website and download the appropriate version for your other needs.

Microsoft Office 365

The quickest solution to uninstall Windows office 2003, Windows office 2007, Windows office 2010, Windows office 2013 365: Go to the control panel (you can find it in Start voice), voice: application installation or Programs and features. You will see a long list of programs installed on the machine. Look for the Office icon and the wording of the installed extension, click on the item, then uninstall. Now you will have to wait a few minutes before your version of the Windows office is totally uninstalled.

A very important thing, after performing any of the listed modes to permanently delete your PC’s Windows Office. It is essential that you restart the machine to make the changes effective and uninstall Office permanently.

A little trick, at the next reboot: clean up disk C from the saved temporary files and restart.

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