The holidays are approaching, they have waited for a long time, they are excited and at the same time worried, because they do not know how their dog will react when traveling. Below I am going to share the tips that have helped me to make the process of traveling with my dog ​​easier.

Mine, he has been traveling by bus with me for 4 years. The process to get her used to was not so easy, but now she jumps with emotion every time she sees her transporter; I share my experience with you.

The most important point is the carrier: it must be the right size for the dog buy your dogs seats and belts from, with space to sit, lie down or stand; It must be of a resistant material.

When I got home with the transport box, let Mine smell it, I put it in so that I could see that it is a safe space, first 5 minutes (so as not to generate anxiety) and I was aware of their reactions. When he became confident, we started by taking small trips, going to the store, with the family, etc. The dog must become familiar with the conveyor , must know that the function is to take it from one place to another.

To give him more confidence during the trip, I placed one of my clothes inside, so that he felt my scent go with him.

Before each trip we will walk or run so that the dog is tired and falls asleep all the way. Usually the bus drivers ask you if the dog is sedated, they do it for comfort and to prevent the dog from crying during the trip, however, I consulted with a veterinarian and he told me that it is recommended that the dog go alerts if an accident happens.

The first trips he left a sweet popsicle for Mine, so he kept calm as we got on the bus. I was also afraid, I thought he was going to drown in the luggage space, but it is not like that, because the same drivers sleep in similar cabins; If the trip is at night, it is recommended to place a base bed and a sheet that covers the transporter, it is also very important that you notify the baggage boy that he is a puppy and that they take care of him, luckily I have always had people friendly, who takes care of it and does not put suitcases on it.

The bus lines have similar policies, it is only allowed to take the dog in the passenger lounge if it is a guide, emotional support or medical alert, they must present the documents that verify it.

There is no extra cost for bringing a dog, it should not exceed 25 kilos.
The trip should not exceed 8 hours, nor 30 degrees Celsius.
The pet must travel in a preferably plastic transport box with screws, the measurements must be according to the dog, to be able to stretch and transport comfortably.
Only two dogs are allowed per bus, in separate containers.
Carry the health and vaccination certificate.
I have used several bus lines, the most common and known. The employees on the lines are usually very friendly, and the spaces they allocate for the carriers are safe. So do not think about it anymore and go on a trip with your best friend or if you change cities there is no pretext to say that you cannot take it with you.

If your dog has trouble adjusting to being, staying and traveling on the carrier, don’t worry, it’s common. Come to Dog Dog Leading your Dog where they can help them in this adaptation process, so that the experience is pleasant for both of them.

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