Getting a new phone is always a fantasy but it always comes with a headache of transferring the data from the old phone to the new phone. Well, this thing becomes more important  and complicated when you are selling your old phone to get a refurbished iPhone. Exactly, buying a refurbished iPhone is a very convenient and easy job. There are several reasons for it as well. But that we would probably read later. Right now, let’s get into the technicalities of transferring data from an old phone to the new one. And following are the ways which are to be followed in order to transfer data from old phone to the new one:

  1. Use various Mobile Applications

There are a number of mobile applications available which facilitate transferring of data. Some of the applications are share it, Mobile trans and xender, and similarly there are many more. Transferring data through these mobile applications is very easy. It doesn’t take much time even therefore, this is the one way in which you can transfer your data from an old phone to the new one in an easy manner and also it is time saving too. To do this, all you need to do is to install an application in your old as well as new mobile and activate your account on that application. Then connect your both mobiles and choose the data from your old phone which is to be transferred and click on the send option. And your data is transferred.

  • Use Gmail Accounts and drive options

Gmail accounts are always helpful when it comes to the sharing of data from one mobile to the other. All you have to do is to transfer all the data of your old phone into  Gmail drive and then login to the same Gmail account on your new mobile. Once you will activate the Gmail account in which you have transferred the data, in your new mobile, all the data would be visible in your new phone. Hence, it is the simplest way one can use in order to transfer data from an old phone to the new one.

Following the above mentioned easy steps can help you to get your data transferred in a very convenient way. It saves time and energy both. So, your headache of transferring data must be removed now and you must got the right solution to it. Now it is the time to move to the purchase of our phone or you can say buying a refurbished IPhone.

Why to Buy A Refurbished iPhone?

Buying iPhones is still a dream of many people. Since it is too high, therefore, not everyone is able to afford it. But now your problem would be solved immediately. And the solution to it is to buy refurbished iPhone. Some people think that refurbished products are not in good condition and are of poor quality. But actually it is not. Refurbished Phones are in good condition and come with warranty as well. Also, to come in a  very cheap and affordable price therefore, one can easily buy refurbished phones and should not doubt its quality and operations.

By Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a passionate blogger. He writes about his life experiences in the form of words. He had done masters in E-Business & working with a leading technology organization as an analyst. Moreover, if you want to Know read his blog at HROne