How to Train Your Brain to Become Positive

While the entire world is in a panic state due to Corona virus pandemic outbreak, there are people who are still keeping calm and being positive. People are losing jobs, going bankrupt, facing a financial crisis, compromising on their loved one’s lives and facing a huge impact of economic breakdown.

The negative energy around you may push you towards overestimating life’s obstacles and underestimate your ability to conquer them. But you can still combat and overcome the fear of survival stage and balance your life and work at the same time. All you need to do is be more positive and keep negativity out of your way. It takes three positive thoughts to get rid of negative energy. Here is how you can counterbalance your negative thoughts.

Embrace Positive Possibilities

Life never goes as we plan it. Life is always full of surprises and unexpected events that we encounter when it comes true. It is full of uncertainty and unpredictable. You should always embrace positive possibilities after every negative activity that you encounter.

For example, when you lose a job, you should always take it as a positive aspect for new opportunities to explore. If you faced a broken relationship, maybe there is a new life coming towards your way. Always remember, when one door is closed for you, there are possibilities of 10 other doors opening on your way. Always embrace the world ‘Maybe’ to keep positiveness alive within you.

Be Patient for the Right

You can’t force the chicken to hatch out of the egg. It will nestle inside until the right time comes. Forcing something or rushing things out before time, will only put you into anxiety and depression. Impulsive decisions always put you into trouble and divert your focus from the right path. Always gather complete information about the task before you put your best foot forward. Think of positive results after the mindfulness and the patience that you carry for your achievements. Always remind yourself for the right time to pop the bottle and embrace positiveness in waiting for it.

Release the Negativity Within

Don’t dwell negativity within you. Keep away from witnessing all the negativity happening around you. You may find a lot of hyped information on social media or broadcast platforms. If things are not happening as you planned, stay calm and wait for the right time as things will turn back in your favour. If you get rid of negative energy and bring positiveness all around you, even God will shower his blessings on you. Check your pattern and if you find yourself constantly falling into negative situations, you need to allow your brain to focus on positiveness around you. You can take help of your family, friends, or relatives to come out of negativity within you.

Allow Chill Time in Life

Don’t always pull your socks back-to-back to finish up every next task on your list. Remind yourself to embrace the moment of success after completing every task in hand. Take out time for a breather between back-to-back appointments and give cushion to surprise your life.

Always plan to come prepared instead of showing up early without any clue. Create your comfort margins without chewing up your tasks and focusing on relaxing yourself. These small brakes will fuel up your energy level back to do wonders with more efficiency. Always stay positive that whatever you will do will be shining with flying colors.

Accept Yourself as You Are

Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are the best. Nobody can compare with you, nobody can beat you, and even you can’t break your own standards. Give challenges to yourself but don’t set up unrealistic goals. Trying to achieve 150 % and ending up somewhere near 100 is not okay. Instead, try setting up realistic goals of 100 % and give your best to stand nearby. Your inner abuse will bring down your confidence and you will fail accepting yourself as an what you are. Accepting your failure will give you another chance to take challengers with more creativity courage and better performance.

Avoid Jumbling Between Tasks

Positive thinking in life is important but don’t push your limits and force-schedule multitasks to avoid situations of failure. At times you may feel under-productive but don’t forget to wow your flawless success in every single task that you have handy. If you still want to multitask, keep one task in hand and the other one in mind. Sometimes, you may be successful in handling multiple tasks at a time but you should give it a break and avoid doing it more often. Just plan, prepare, execute, win and celebrate your success.

Summing Up

To continuously train your brain to stay positive, you can also join groups that spread positiveness and smile among the members. Subscribe to positive quotes and websites that share information on calmness and mental wellbeing. Once you start dwelling positive thinking in life, you’ll be mesmerized witnessing how dramatically you get rid of negative energy around self.

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