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How to take the traditional massage service business to the next level?

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The massage industry is often overlooked by everyone and is not considered a major business. But in reality, the total value of the massage industry in the US alone was $16 billion last year. The massage industry can also be referred to as the most underrated of all and the employment opportunity for masseuses has increased by 20% this year. Athletes, corporate workers, tourists, etc are preferring professional massage service to escape from the noisy world and their hectic schedules. 

The average charges by masseuse per hour are $60 globally. The price will increase based on the type of service the customer chooses. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur with plans to develop an on-demand massage service app, get in touch with an uber for a massage app development company. Here are three proven business strategies that will work. 

Prioritizing convenience:

On-demand service apps are built for offering convenient services to the stakeholders. In this case, customers can get professional massage service at any time with a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. They can also choose their preferred time and location, which gives them additional benefits.

On the other hand, massage therapists can work in their preferred hours with the application. Freelancers can easily boost their overall revenue and manage their schedules effectively. They arrive at the customer’s location on time with all the necessary supplies, from the massage table, fresh linens, oils, and lotion to music.

The customers can seamlessly track the real-time location of the appointed masseuse and can get the experience of a luxurious spa from their home or workplace.

Steps that entrepreneurs should take:

The success of a business majorly depends on the quality of services offered by the provider, irrespective of the niche. Ensure that you have a screening process while onboarding massage therapists to ensure professional massage service for your customers. Ensure that your admin team checks for the authenticity of the license and certification issued to the masseuses before onboarding.

Customer safety should be your top priority. The application should have photos and other essential information on the massage therapists besides their profiles. After booking an appointment, the masseuse’s details should be sent to the customer’s phone via notification. Their real-time location should also be shared before an hour of the scheduled time. 

Business expansion:

Entrepreneurs in the massage service business can easily expand their service area by taking their business online. The concept of onboarding freelancers makes it easier for them to expand their business beyond their town/city. The customers can also avail themselves of professional massage services any time of the day making things easier for them.

These on-demand massage service apps also help entrepreneurs to boost their overall revenue by catering to more customers. The apps also establish a direct connection between customers and entrepreneurs. This connection enables the users to provide feedback on the services on the platform. Customer feedback should not be overlooked as it helps to find the gaps in the services and drawbacks of your application. 

Features that help in increasing your customer base:


Newsletters can be sent via email to your subscribers. Technologies like Sandgrind and Mandrill can be used to send emails in bulk to subscribers. Newsletters are useful to inform your customers about the new products, special promotional offers, and your company’s participation in exhibitions and conferences.


Analytics is a useful tool to measure the performance of your business. It provides extensive data on the trends and interests of your users. It also allows you to gather information about a particular demographic of your users.

Push notifications:

Push notifications can be an effective way to keep users informed about discounts, coupons, offers, and promotions. It can also be used to send articles related to the massage industry and services for the customers. The appointment status, remainder, and masseuses’ details can also be sent via push notifications. 

Secure payment gateway:

Since massage appointments are booked online, extra attention must be given to the payment gateways’ security. Ensure that your app supports an array of payment methods like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, PayPal, etc. 


Get in touch with a professional app development company to get started. Your on-demand massage app development team will painstakingly craft your app by keeping your business strategies in their mind. Top-notch UI/UX designs and programming will be meticulously incorporated into the app to meet the requirements of modern consumers.

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