How to Take Care of Chameleon from Common Diseases

A pet chameleon spends its life inside a sage in captivity. As they are pets they often suffer from health syndromes and diseases. Read this article to know about the common diseases and related chameleon care to ensure your pet lives a healthy life.


Pet chameleons are effectively worried, extreme stress may cause low immunity in chameleons. To decrease stress, keep your chameleon in a low-traffic part of your home which is quiet and does not get a lot of sounds. You should also remove anything reflective that causes your chameleon to see its reflection and become stressed.

In contrast to most hostage conceived chameleons, wild-caught chameleons can likewise be worried by being kept as pets. For these chameleons, give a huge and regular looking condition and watch for signs, for example, pacing, laziness, anorexia, and animosity.

Upper Respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory contaminations and infections are basic among pet chameleons, and that happens due to the constrained environment. Signs of upper respiratory infection include an expanded mouth, an excessive amount of mucus, popping or wheezing sounds made by the chameleon, and aggravation and rising around the mouth and nose. Upper respiratory contamination requires immediate medical attention. You need to visit your vet as soon as you see any of these symptoms in your pet. If you want to prevent further contaminations, check the hygiene of the cage. If its bottom is filled with litter, clean the sage as soon as possible. Moreover, maintain the enclosure temperature to ensure your pet gets a healthy environment in captivity.


Pet chameleons can hold gastrointestinal parasites and can be easily affected by the parasites inside their body. Your pet should have yearly fecal tests by a veterinarian to check for the parasite infection. Parasites can be contracted through food, particularly if cleanliness is poor or if wild feeder insects are fed to your pet. Your pet is not like the wild ones, hence, they might not have enough immunity to fight the parasites. So, make sure to maintain the hygiene of the cage while you are feeding your pet.

Kidney Failure and Gout

Kidney failure is a typical reason for death in pet  regularly brought about by long haul lack of hydration or by certain veterinarian-endorsed anti-infection agents. Kidney problems can cause gout, which causes extreme pain in the leg joints of your pet.

The low-level or lack of hydration can cause kidney sickness and different illnesses can be not entirely obvious. Suitable nook moistness (somewhere in the range of 50 and 75 percent) and a viable water trickle framework should keep your chameleon properly hydrated.

Metabolic Bone Disease

The metabolic bone ailment is likely the top reason for pet chameleon development deformities and passing. Chameleons need at any rate 12 hours of UV-B light every day to appropriately handle the calcium that they take in from food. Unfiltered daylight is the favored wellspring of this light; however, legitimate indoor bulbs can be utilized. Without enough UV-B light, chameleons can create metabolic bone ailment.

Indications of metabolic bone ailment can include awkwardness, bowed legs, and a rubbery jaw. Later stages can cause anorexia and trouble anticipating the tongue to eat and drink. The illness is viewed as a moderate and excruciating executioner. This underscores the requirement for fitting lighting, particularly daylight, and customary veterinary visits.

Some tips that you need to follow-

Always provide your pet fresh feeder insects that are bred for feeding pets. Wild insects are harmful to them.

Make sure to keep the food bowl and water bowl (if required) clean and in a hygienic place to ensure your pet does not get any parasitic infection.

You should get regular appointments with the vet. Your pet must get at least one yearly checkup to ensure it is healthy. Make sure to get a detailed discussion with the vet as your pet becomes older because old pets often require special attention.

Gut load all the insects to ensure your pet chameleon gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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