How to Start Your Logo Project Online with DesignEvo

A company logo can represent the company’s brand image, as well as the company’s corporate culture, spirit, and value. However, for people who are just starting to run a personal brand, set up a website, or create a business, hiring a graphic designer to make a brand Logo is time-consuming and expensive.

This post will share with you DesignEvo, a tool for making logos so that you can create logos in a short time.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a product made by PearlMountain, in which it can make itself a variety of logos. Because it has many templates, plus the interface is straightforward to operate, you can quickly make what you want the logo.

Next, the below part will show you how to use it to help you make your favorite logo faster. To use this tool, you should first access the official website.

Step.1 let’s go to its homepage.

You don’t need to register at the beginning. Just click to Make a Free Logo and enter the templates selecting page.

Step.2 Choose a template

The next step is to find the template you like. You can think about your product or target customer group. When you see the logo you like, you don’t have to rush to choose that one. You can move the mouse to the template you like. There will be Similar and Customize. The Similar button allows you to find more similar templates. If you really like it, click Choose from the Customize and start making.

Step.3  Customize your logos at will

The next step is to modify your logo to make it more in line with its effect. The color matching part will be recommended to use color matching tools to make the colors look more harmonious. 

First of all, in the editing page’s left bar, you can add new elements to your logo.

Icon: It allows you to find some elements related to the frequency of service you provide to add.

Text: Allows you to add a new font, and at the same time, you can choose your favorite font or artistic word first.

Shape: Although the shape will mainly be some geometric figures, it is similar to the illustration, mostly because some decoration and other elements can be added.

Background: Allows you to add colors to the background, and there are also gradient colors to choose from.

Next, if you want to adjust the color of the icon, these functions will appear above.

Color: Adjust the color of the icon. In addition to monochrome, there are also gradients to choose from.

Flip: There are horizontal and vertical flips, depending on your needs.

Special effects: Only transparency can be selected for special effects on the icon.

Layer: Control whether the icon is in front of or behind.

Copy: This does not need to be explained.

Delete: As the name suggests, delete the element.

There are more functions to choose from in the text part.

Font: You can also find your favorite font style to choose from here. If you don’t see the Chinese font, you can find it by swiping up.

Font size: Adjust the font size.

Select the color and adjust the color of the word.

Bold: The meaning is the same as the word bold.

Tilt: The effect of tilting the text.

Pick up the case: He can let you set the text to be all uppercase or edit it yourself.

Special effects: In addition to transparency, the special effects here also have edging and shadow/glow to choose from.

Format: You can set the line height, word spacing, alignment direction, and curve of the text.

Step.4 Preview your logos

After adjusting, you can first press preview to see your logo’s effect on different things and then continue to make adjustments.

Step.5 Download your logos for free

Finally, everything is satisfied, you can download it! This part requires you to register, but if you don’t have it, remember not to turn it off directly, because it won’t be automatically saved, so remember to click save and turn it off first.

DesignEvo solution price

There are three options in DesignEvo’s plan: free, Basic, and Plus. For free download, only low-resolution images can be downloaded. There will be JPG and PNG files, and you will be asked to share DesignEvo to your social media. 


A logo is an image for a brand. When most people remember a brand, they think of the brand’s logo quickly, but not everyone has a way to design their own or have enough funds to invite someone to design. Using the right tools definitely can help you save time and money.

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