How to start business website?

The most important thing to do is brand name. How good the name will be will determine if your business will be memorable, appealing to every eye and ear.

The second, very important step is the website. The design and functionality must meet not only your wishes, but also convenient management both during administration and during the visitor’s navigation. Let’s tell you briefly about website builders and why it can be a great choice for those who are not programmers.

The last but very important step to think about is web hosting. We will think about which web hosting may be most suitable for your website.

Business name

There are many strategies to help your new business choose the most appropriate name possible. However, you can also get ideas by flipping through the business section of any newspaper, just looking for examples of how other entrepreneurs have done it.

Read an article about some very well known domain names.

We will mention a few points on which the names to which reference has received attention:

  • Words that have meaning.

Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, Twitter – all of these company names mean something, but have little to do with the business they do. The reasons why it’s worth trying such a name are fun, simple and quite effective. For example, the name Yahoo is not only fun to say, but it also created a unique advertising campaign that made the whole of America sing in Tyrolean: Yahoo. True, when choosing a similar name you should consider the risk that it will appear too abstract and confusing.

  • Misspelled words.

Examples: Tumblr (tumbler – acrobat), (delicious – extremely delicious), Digg (dig – find), “flickr” (flicker). Such names stand out from the rest, but it is not easy to remember them.

  • Compound words.

Most of the latest companies are choosing this direction. There is a Birchbox, a Skillshare (skill share), a Crowdtilt (crowd tilt), a JackThreads (Jack Threads), as well as the famous Facebook (facebook). creativity, it is important not to overdo it.

  • Initials and acronyms.

If only a long, multi-word name best reflects your business, it is better to choose initials. It will just be easier for your partners and customers to remember you. Companies such as IBM (International Business Machines) or AOL (America Online) have decided to do the same. Still, names like this are pretty boring.

  • Fancy words.

Skype, Hulu, Zynga are names that attract attention, and most importantly, they’re very easy to remember.

Website builder

One of the keys to a successful e-commerce business is a reliable and great-looking website. 

While there are plenty of ways that you can create a professional business website, one of the easiest methods for a non-professional is through a free website maker. Many companies offer very simple drag-and-drop website making platforms, which create powerful websites on par with those programmed from scratch.

How a free website builder is a great starting point

A website creating platform is a very easy method in building every part of your website, basically, from scratch. Creating a beautiful and crafty design will be a breeze, since you’ll have the opportunity to edit and add any content block you may prefer.

Many free builders have templates that you can adapt for your website, or customize some parts of it to your liking and choosing the best variant for your business. Of course, design features aren’t the only thing that makes free website builders such a great option for non-programmers who want to build an ecommerce website.

Web hosting

It’s worth mentioning that just the website by itself won’t get the job done. You still need to take care of other factors which influence e-commerce results. One of those things is of course shared web hosting

You don’t really think about it, but a good provider can not only offer you fast hosting that’s reliable but offer resources that your website will need in order to flourish. You won’t have to worry yourself with things like increased traffic, content limitations and other things that come with a growing business website.

Don’t know what provider to choose? Here’s a few things to consider:

Speed – this is an essential part for any hosting, however some businesses need an extra bunch of resources for their business. If you’re one of them, look for a provider that prioritizes speed at the highest level for its clients.

Great speed from a provider also means that they are good at managing their resources. Even if you’re going with a cheaper hosting option (shared hosting for example) there won’t be any problems for you and other clients that share the same server.

Of course, growth possibilities shouldn’t be overlooked as well. Your website will eventually grow and you’ll need more resources like better bandwidth and so on. Look for a flexible company that can meet those needs both now and in the future.

Support services – another important part of hosting is the support services that you receive from a provider. 

Doesn’t matter if you choose a plan for a small website and you’re paying a dollar a month or bought yourself a high end dedicated server, the provider should treat everyone equally and provide the best support service possible.

Since hosting is one of the most competitive niches out there’s a very slim chance that you’ll ever experience bad customer support. Still, no matter what your monthly fee is, the support should be willing to help you with things like website setup, management and other stuff.

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